L1 Model II

Let's talk about the L1® Portable Line Array Systems

Using proprietary Bose® technology, L1 systems combine  PA and monitors into a single, highly portable unit. The  loudspeaker can be positioned behind or to the side —and you hear what the audience hears.

Highly portable PA and monitor combined for solo performers, DJs and general-purpose use. Fixed vertical control with 180° horizontal coverage Reduced vulnerability to feedback.

Three systems to choose from (Compact, Model 1S, Model II)
Two passive bass module options (B1 or B2)
Consistent coverage and tonal balance, portability and easy setup.

I just thumbed thru my Oct issue of Premiere Guitar magazine, and there it was. An ad for a new Bose system. It's called the Model 1S. It looks just like the M2, but has only 12 speakers in the same line array with 180 deg of coverage. Looks to be the same size as M2 but only has speakers in the upper half, with a filler in the lower half, similar to the Compact. It uses the same B1s and Tonematch. The stand also looks the same as the M2, but can't tell what the power is. Probably half of what the M2 has. Can't find anything on the Bose site though.

Anyone else seen the ad?

Anyway, just a heads-up for us Bose lovers.


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I just called Bose,they said it wasn't suppose to be announced until Oct.1st.They didn't have any info or specs on it.To me it appears to be down the middle between a Compact and a Model II.It appears it's being used just as a vocal PA,along with lineback guitar amps.Can't wait for the details.
It says, "control the mix on stange and in the audience area". I think it is the same claim as with other L1s. The players and audience hear the same mix.

It would be nice if one could just buy the speaker and extension and use your current Model II powerstand, but,.... I suspect that it being advertised as a PA replacement to use in back of a band might mean a change in DSP that would make in not compatible with Model II speakers or vice versa.

Below is something I posted a while back. Can't wait to see the input/output section on the powerstand.


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Bose could make a new speaker system that worked on the Model II that would have a redesigned top half with an "extension" to hold it to the right height.

That way the Model II could serve two different sized venues.

I would love to see a Model II with the addition of the same two channel mixer as the Compact, and an optional speaker arrangement as mentioned above.

JD ... if you look at the L1 System in between the guitar players in the picture ... it looks like there is a T1 attached to the tower ... I called Bose today myself and there is (allegedly) a new Subwoofer coming at some point also ... a "B2" ??? I read on the Facebook L1 page that someone else had heard it's like 2 B1's in one unit ??? Who knows?

A good % of us Model 11 owners would be interested in a new Super sub ... and maybe this new Model 1S will bring folks who feel that the Model 11 is too expensive into the Bose Family.

Definitely exciting stuff for all of us in the Community ... it will probably be priced like the Model 1 ... or less ???

We'll all just have to wait I guess.
Originally posted by Jeff Brisbin:
... I called Bose today myself and there is (allegedly) a new Subwoofer coming at some point also ... a "B2" ??? I read on the Facebook L1 page that someone else had heard it's like 2 B1's in one unit ??? Who knows?

There is already a sub like 2 B1's in a single unit, it is called an MB4.

I'm gonna guess if there is a new bass module it will have larger speaker(s), maybe powered, and could have a variable crossover. Those are the things DJs and those making bass heavy music have asked for. Of course Bose doesn't always develope what they are asked to develope.

I'll also guess that the Model 1S has maximum output that is at least equal to, and probably greater than, the Model II. My reasoning is that it is directed at bands. I think it would be a mistake to build something for a band that fell between the Compact and Model II.

The use of a single 12 speaker line array should not be considered as a reason for less sonic output than the longer array of the Model II, but rather a different way of managing the sound field.

Of course, they are showing the band using back line amps. That suggests that power from the L1 won't be used up by the electric guitar and bass, but could be meaningless as well.

Come on, speculating is fun.

Yes ...I know there's an MB4 ... But it's not really recommended for the L1 ... I even put the MB4."out there" speculatively ... And supposedly it doesn't look like one of those....too bad ... The MB4 would look great ... Anyway, yes it is fun trying to figure out what's coming down the pike.
Saw one yesterday at the National Quartet Convention in Louisville ... with the new sub. Didn't get all the details, but the MB4 has a three way switch so it will sound like 1 B1, 2 B1's, or "bigger". Didn't get to hear it crank, but will try to get more details and a picture today.
I got my model II system in May of this year. I called Bose and spoke to a guy there that also said, "It isn't for public consumption yet, but there's a total redesign of the sub system that will be coming out soon." Of course when I asked if he could tell me he chuckled and said, "Soon. Can't tell you even if I knew my self, but soon ... very soon."

It sounds to me like we may be hearing more than one product release on the 27th.
I wonder....just from a fun and speculation standpoint before it's formally announced on Sep. 27th....

Will it have a new B1-type subwoofer that is perhaps slightly larger than a current B1 with more "umph"? It seems to have a form factor simliar to the current Model II powerstand. Will it have multiple inputs, similar to the original Model I system, and also include a T1 Tonematch port?

I think we're going to see some re-alignment of pricing on systems also, with the introduction of this new model. It would fit nicely as a replacement for the aging Model I system and I'm thinking the BIG shocker is going to be, it will be introduced at or near the $1,000 price point!! Of course, with that pricing, they will also announce a price reduction on the L1 Compact system to around $700 or so. I'm thinking with the model nomenclature already announced as Model 1S, they are keeping the Model II systems as the "top of the line" system in the product line offering. I'm seeing it as simply a replacement for the Model I, with some new features and benefits that will corner the marketplace for simliar systems.

It will be a NICE upgrade to the original Model I, and will carve out a market niche in the market for "Under $1000" systems.

Only time will tell, at this point!!!
Originally posted by JohnNell:

it will be introduced at or near the $1,000 price point!!

John Nell,

I like your optimystic outlook, .... or is that wishfull thinking.

"If" they sell for $1000, they won't be able to build them fast enough. So, .... just so nobody gets hurt rushing on the assemble line, Bose will set the price closer to Drumr's number.

jtr, don't worry about the number of speakers, or the power rating, the system will be well matched, output will be strong, and it will be exciting.


(yes, I meant to spell optimistic that way)
I like your optimystic outlook, .... or is that wishfull thinking.

Oldghm & John S - Smile

I think we're about to see a "new" Bose Corporation, that is going to gain market share in the performing musicians marketplace, by following a page from the Apple marketing folks....

As I said, it's fun to speculate and think about the future! Do you believe in the power of human thoughts???
Bose has always been able to do some amazing things with very little space, so I can't imagine just because it has half the speaker count that it will be have the unit. With that said, I tend to believe, like JohnNell that the new L1r 1S will most likely replace the original L1 Model I. When JohnNell said this it did make me think back to my conversation with the Bose rep, and he did say that the Model I will be retired after the launch of the new product line offerings.
Like I said before same $$ for less. I'ld rather they kept the original Model 1. If they were really going to do what people wanted they figure out how to run 2 L1 Model 1 or 2 at the same time in stereo with out Phase cancelation and maybe more power Options.
jtr said,

"Like I said before same $$ for less."


While it's fun to speculate about the new product, assuming that it is half of a Model II and somehow less than or inferior because it is only 12 speakers I think is unfair.

Bose has a long history of getting big sound from small speakers and enclosures. They do a great job of matching power and transducer to produce the needed SPL in an efficient manner. I would not expect less this time around.

Bose has a lot of experience with the MA 12 and I feel comfortable saying I expect the new Model 1S to perform well for those it is marketed to, if it doesn't, then we can pile on.

Phase cancellation is not an issue when running true stereo. Cancellation or interference is caused by dual mono. Hearing how they address this with the introduction of the Model 1S will be interesting.

I'm with you Kramster, I would love to see a multi-use L1, though I really don't expect it.

Hi jtr,

Originally posted by jtr:
Like I said before same $$ for less.

It's not the same money.


I'ld rather they kept the original Model 1. If they were really going to do what people wanted they figure out how to run 2 L1 Model 1 or 2 at the same time in stereo with out Phase cancelation and maybe more power Options.

Two Model Is or two Model IIs can run stereo just fine. See Live or PreRecorded / Stereo and *-Mono

If there is going to be an issue with Multiple Source Interference you might have this arise when you have two or more L1® running identical sound sources (see: Dual Mono).

Edit: added link to Dual Mono
Originally posted by Indy Cheer:

OK so 12 speakers are double the number of the compact. How does that explain 3 times the coverage?

Magic!..... I really don't know but the array is "about" three times as long.

The Model 1S speakers appear to be the same diameter as those in the Model I and II. They might be different impedence or have more or less excursion, possibly other differences, but maybe exactly the same. I'm sure they will tell us in a few days.

There is a point at a distance from every line source (for any type of sonic or electromagnetic radiation) - where that line source beginse to behave as a point source - which is subject to the inverse square law. All things being equal - a longer line source will behave like a line source for longer distances from the origin of the radiation. A shorter line source will begin to act like a point source at a shorter distance and when that happens the intensity drops of in a logrithmic fashion.

Yes. Magic.
Hi jtr,

I saw your first post on the clearance price of $1499 in the MF catalogue. I didn't get that catalogue, but I looked online and checked the local GC. I couldn't find any at that price. I can only assume that the clearance price worked, and they are all gone at this point.

Originally posted by jtr:
So your going to pay the same amount of $$ for 12 less speakers and maybe less power then the Modle 1. Your excited Why?
Not sure if this was directed at me, but I was just saying that as a policy Bose generally doesn't lower the price of old products when a new one is introduced. I wasn't expressing excitement for getting less for the same price. Rather excitement for something new in general irrespective of price. Smile
Being a very happy owner of model 1's, model 2's and compacts, I'm excited to see what new innovations Bose has come out with. They never cease to amaze me and my clients.

I do hope it's not just a watered down version of anything, and am confident it won't be. I didn't thing that of the compact. The compact is very different from the others and fills a great niche in small venues.
Looks to me like it is simply an L1 Model 2 with half the speakers... the top array sits on a blank tower section similar to the concept used in the Compact, but probably not plastic. The B1 looks the same and I see no reference to integrated T1 or mixing. Model 2 Compact.

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