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Designed for musicians, DJs and general PA use, the S1 Pro is the ultimate all-in-one PA, floor monitor and practice amplifier that's ready to be your go-anywhere Bluetooth music system for nearly any occasion. 

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Hi everyone...new here.  I am a professional bassist recently relocated from California to New Orleans.  One of my intentions on moving here was to busk as a solo bassist.  I have done many, many gigs as a solo bassist (not an oxymoron...think of the bass equivalent of chord/melody gtr playing), but the challenge of playing on the street sans electricity left scarce options for suitable amplification.  There are very few battery pwred amps which are touted to be "bass amps".....and those few simply sound pretty abysmal. Most of the battery pwred acoustic gtr amps simply bottom out when fed a healthy dose of low end...and most those drivers I fear would not last long in such a setting. The alternative of powering a rig with a car battery/inverter is simply too big/heavy for my comfort.  I have been intrigued by the S1 system since it was rolled out....and pulled the trigger and bought one a cpl weeks ago.  I not disappointed.  while a spkr/amp this size cannot be expected to produce sound levels that shake bones and make kittens explode, it does provide something which for my needs is of greater importance: tone.

Contrary to what I have read on the web...it does produce suitable low end, but more importantly it gives a clean, open uncolored sound which reveals the beauty and poignant qualities of my acoustic basses (my main instrmnts are two Rick Turner Renaissance basses)......and suitable volume for street performances.  Makes a fantastic home practice amp, too!

So recently I tried it out...busking with an acoustic bass guitar in the french quarter a few days prior to Xmas.  I used a rather budget Fender T Bucket acoustic bass, a nice short scale bass which plays/sounds well but is not too precious, a small pedal board powered by a sanyo eneloop rehargable pwr supply, TC loop pedal and a delay pedal.  Very small easy setup. Liight and quite portable for sclepping around.  S1 on the ground titled in upright position.  How'd it sound?  Unbelievable.  Glorious and full..chords rang out...melodies sparkled... loops were clear and not garbled..and bass lines were full and present (as were the ersatz drum sounds made by slapping the body of   the bass).  And, I made crazy money that afternoon....but then I did just play xmas songs so the holiday spirit may have invaded many of the folks and they generously.

I'm very pleased with this lil busking rig and am considering adding a 2nd S1 just for added volume and sound disbursement.  And while it cannot compare to a "big" rig as to low end projection and SPL, don't believe the internet chatter of it being shy on bass....its more than ample for a solo performance....i wouldn't think twice about using it in a small setting (coffee house et al.) with other instruments either.  I'm really starting to think two of these would be amazing.

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Thanks for the report, @Max Valentino . I use a Carlo Robelli u-bass through a Behringer BDI21 and then through a Behringer Xenix 1002B battery powered mixer and run my band through it into a single Bose S1 Pro in tilt back mode with great results. The extra tone control, along with fine tuning the gain staging, allow me to keep a clean and controllable mix. The Drive on the BDI21 emulates a tube amp for more warmth and punch






Ric posted:

What's your tuning on that beauty, @Chet 3 ?

A - E - A - D - G - C

It has a full step ramp on the lowest string that drops that 145XL string to A0.

Fretless Ebony fingerboard with Mother of Abalone inlay markings.  Solid Rosewood - Neck through butt of body are ONE PIECE - Custom wound Bartolinni PASSIVE pickups that sound killer.

My Kala U-bass sounds pretty good in the S1s too.

Ric posted:

I doubt the Bose S1 Pro can reproduce 27.5Hz, @Chet 3 , but maybe some of the overtones in A1 55Hz, A2 110Hz and A3 220Hz will be audible. Looking forward to your after-action report on this! Ric

As you said, the 27.5Hz through 2 S1 pros didn't exactly get through to shake the walls.  But the essential character of the bass came through with enough low end to be effective for a small group...

I think the next trick I'll perform will be to take my 2 S1s and the very light, collapsible speaker stands I've got coming this Friday up to my favorite club in town and use it instead of the rather drab sounding system they have. 

They're running an older Yamaha mixer/amp into a pair of 802s (but without the controller!) and it just doesn't work all that well.  I'll bet the 2 S1 Pros on stands will fill that place with some beautiful sounds for vocals and guitar...

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