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Designed for musicians, DJs and general PA use, the S1 Pro is the ultimate all-in-one PA, floor monitor and practice amplifier that's ready to be your go-anywhere Bluetooth music system for nearly any occasion. 

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vik posted:

I was thinking in addition to the new stereo mode, it would be great to link multiple (more than two) S1 Pros wirelessly for a true party mode, where all speakers are fed wirelessly by the same single feed. Imagine being able to spread around (within reason/range) multiple S1 Pros running on battery and be able to create a portable distributed audio system. In this mode, each speaker could probably produce mono instead of stereo, but would be great to have the option to set it to stereo and be able to choose which speaker plays left vs right.

That would be great, I’m using a pair of S1 on my boat and I was looking on manual and online if there was a way to connect more than 2 using Bluetooth. I guess it’s not possible. 

A lot of people seem to be trying to rig up an external sub woofer to use in conjunction with the S1 Pro.  That said, it would be great if Bose could come up with a way to use a B1 or B2 bass module with the S1 Pro.  That would give people that have multiple systems to use components across platforms.

My original comments on the S1 after its introduction was that there was not enough bass and the responding replies then was that it had enough but now many are unhappy with the S1s ability to reproduce enough bass. So the requests of more bass in someway or another is adding to the cost of 600.00 plus whatever is needed to expand the bass to the S1. Bose failed to see the big picture market out there, from PA to monitor, to all the buskers and all the single players that setup anywhere. They lacked the foresight to make this S1 a truly versatile little star.

What an amp this little would be and could be make if only Bose gave it the wings it needed to fly into any musical situation with the flexibility and internal hardware needed to fulfill the desires of any musicianWhether it is a single performer gig or band type gig and is capable of performing out of doors or in on stage or the streets, small or large, all on its own mega star abilities. WOW!

This is what Bose's direction should be, to take this S1 with its bare potential and root talent and propel it into mega stardom and fly!

We use the Bose S1 at race events in the paddock, everybody really enjoys the quality of the speaker, i have 2 S1 PRO`s connected with the bose app in bluetooth mode using spotify.

It would be great to make a new firmware including app, were we could still connect the 2 Bose S1 Pro speakers over bluetooth, next to that, it would be great to have a setting in the app were if switched on, 1 of the S1 PRO speakers line out only sends signals bellow 150Hz (the S1 speakers only get signals above 150Hz), one S1 line out could then be plugged in a A1 Packlite with a 1 or 2 B1 subs. The gain slider will make it possible to set the balance between S1`s and Sub. In the new firmware maybe the same EQ settings of the line out can be programmed that make sure the B1 sound great..!!

To me it`s sounds as a great plan..!!

I suggest that Bose consider a sub for the S1 using a setup process similar to the Behrnger BD1200D. For me, the ideal S1 sub would be small, lightweight, battery-powered, and specifically engineered to augment the S1 — and connect to the S1 via an adjustable cross-over feature like the Behringer. Now that would be something!

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