S1 Pro system as stage monitors with F1 Model 812 and F1 Subwoofer

Hi Everybody,

I just did a test with

  • Two F1s (F1 Model 812 with F1 Subwoofer)
  • Two S1 Pros for stage monitors

I set up the F1s on the front edge of the stage on either side, facing the audience area. I put the S1 Pros behind the line between the F1s, facing back toward the performers' area. I used the S1 Pros in the horizontal position as stage monitors.

There were no other performers; just me being loud (with hearing protection).

I pushed the F1s hard. From the stage area behind the F1s, they were loud but as you would expect, a little muffled. That's because the speaker arrays were pointing away from me.  I wouldn't want to perform like that without monitors. And that's why I was doing this testing.

The S1 Pros were clear and loud up to their limit, but not noticeably louder than the F1s. I didn't have a hard hitting drummer so I can't say if the S1 Pros would compete well with a live kit.

I had a brief struggle with feedback until I found the right position for the S1 Pros. Microphones with a cardioid polar pattern might have been better in this situation. Most of my microphones are hypercardioid or supercardioid. These can pick up sound from the rear, so you have to be careful where you place monitors.

I like the S1 Pros in the monitor position. They seem to cut through better than in the tilted-back position.  And the horizontal dispersion is narrower, so there's not a lot of spill across the stage. The tall vertical dispersion is helpful so you can have the S1 Pro close to you and you can still hear it at ear-level.

The S1 Pro is moderately loud (103 dB SPL, 109 peak), but not louder than what you hear behind the F1s. It's hard to express what how that will sound to you when you try it.  If you're looking for monitors to use with your F1s, I encourage you to try the S1 Pros to hear if they will work for you.

From what I heard today, I would use the S1 Pros for stage monitors in most settings where I would choose to perform.  Not-quite-so-loud and clear beats just loud - at least for me.


Original Post

ST, thanks so much! Your test was what I was hoping to gather feedback on.  The drummer is such a factor for stage volume in general as you know. It seems that with SPL rating, there should be enough headroom albeit one may need more than a few strategically on the stage dependent upon how many musicians are in the band and again how heavy hitting the drummer is....Another test if you get a moment please....I am really curious how the S1 sounds on top of an F1 sub for a FOH setup ...it may actually sound really good as it appears the S1 is like a mini F1 812 of sorts... . Not sure I would use it in that manner although I am very interesting to hear how it sounds..might be surprisingly good!

ST or others that have tried this:

With an F1 for FOH, would you prefer

1)One or more Compact or L1s as monitors or

2) Multiple S1 Pros as monitors...(possibly one for each performer).

It seems that in one sense this is not a fair comparison as the Compact has much more capability..however, the ability to control stage volume might actually might work better with S1 in that you could really direct the monitors to the players..(i.e one right near the drummer, keyboardist, etc...). I am interested to hear your thoughts on this...

Option 2 just might be a great solution where amplification is required beyond the L1s, so FOH reinforcement is needed

This option somewhat strives to sustain the initial design intent of the L1 where each performer has their own L1 and blends in a live mix replicating the former acoustic days..... Each musician could have their own S1 Pro when using FOH reinforcement and with an assumed mixer with FOH reinforcement, all can have separate monitor mixes to ensure all hear one another appropriately.  

The other 3 advantages I see with this if this can work is:

1) Stage volume - L1s design intent was to move away from the Trifecta" . Perhaps the lower SPL of the S1 is an advantage and can ensure stage volume is controlled eliminating many issues the L1 was designed to mitigate..The SPL in the case does not need to be for FOH, its all about the stage volume and the band hearing each other well. 

2) Cost - Best value added position yet, less than a compact...for some band mates, they never could make the initial investment to achieve the 1 L1/per performer..this could be a game changer in that regard for bands/members. For solo/duo/trio performers, the value proposition has been a much easier sell.

3) Flexibility - Battery, size, easy placement anywhere! 

4) Sustain the Bose Sound - We all love that Bose sound...It would be great to receive the benefit of hearing the Bose sound on stage vs having a non Bose monitor or in ears in FOH reinforcement needed situations...

In summary, perhaps Bose really could have the holistic solution here starting from the S1...moving up to larger L1s as needed, F1s for FOH with S1s as monitors... hmmmm. This would be spectacular. Interested to hear thoughts on this. Thanks!!

Hello ST and the Bose Community, I was able to get a test at a live gig yesterday.

VENUE: Local Winery, in the winter I play indoors and in smaller room upstairs. I would say the room is about 40 X 50 and opens up to a larger room on the side. Attentive crowd  at best although our band seems to get the crowd up and moving and there was much dancing by the end of the gig!! I have used an Model L1s with B2 many time in the past and it worked great in this room. There was about 50 or so in the room and close to 200 in adjacent rooms. I down mix to the entire PA to be heard thorough out the facility. 


2 S1 Pros, 1 F1 Sub, I left the F1 812s in the car just in case.

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