Hello ST, is there a specific cable that would be best for this? I am planning to BlueTooth across a hallway to the S1 Pro, and then connect another non-BlueTooth speaker to the output of the S1 Pro. The non-Bluetooth Speaker has a 1/8" stereo input, the same as channel three on the S1 Pro inputs.


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Thank you! I already have an L1 Compact, and a SoundLink III, in addition to the S1 Pro. Bose hasn't seen fit to update the Soundlink III firmware to let me use the Bose Connect app with it, so I am planning to use an older Bose Sound Dock 10 that my aunt already owns to supplement the S1 Pro. I can bring the S1 on the plane, but this will save me from shipping the L1 Compact, which is what I usually do, while still giving me more punch than the S1 Pro packs by itself. 

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