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Designed for musicians, DJs and general PA use, the S1 Pro is the ultimate all-in-one PA, floor monitor and practice amplifier that's ready to be your go-anywhere Bluetooth music system for nearly any occasion. 

This is the place to discuss the S1 Pro system.

I run my entire band through one Bose S1 Pro on the ground in tilt back mode, to include a U-Bass, 1 acoustic electric guitar, 2 acoustic electric 'ukulele and 3 microphones without feedback using a Behringer Xenix 1002B battery powered mixer, a Carlo Robelli U-Bass, 1 LR Baggs Para Acoustic active preamp DI box, 2 Behringer ADI21 active preamp DI boxes and 1 Behringer BDI21 active preamp DI box for noisy audiences up to 50 with great success. Understanding throw, dispersion horizontally and vertically and geometry patterns of the audience and stage along with gain staging and equalization allow me to push my Bose S1 Pro far beyond it's intended use. It's just another example of the always amazing size defeating Bose quality sound solutions. Near perfect in this old musician's ears and eyes.






@Ric. Great pics..I have the same mixer as well as the S1. I also have the Tonematch T1.I’m curious because I’m not very good technically with mixers and setups.I”m trying to learn as much as possible do to a recent uptick in solo gigs.I also occassionaly have a buddy sit in on eletronic drums and or bass player.It looks like you’re running the 1/4 inch jack on the headphone out using a 1/4 in./1/8in. Adapter to the Aux. in on the S1.?

If so,any reason why you don’t run 1/4 in. Main out of mixer to 1/4in in on Ch1 or ch2 on the S1? Wouldn”t that allow you to use the effects of the S1 channel? Or,by using the S1 aux you use the effects on the mixer!not needing the S1 effects?

I would appreciate any  input you have..



I have the same mixer (Behringer 1002b).  A trick I've used is to pan our 2 guitars to the right and then used a TRS 1/4" to XLR into channel 2 of the first S1, our 2 vocals to the left and then use a similar cable into channel 1 of the first S1...

Then a TRS 1/4" to XLR from the first S1 to the 2nd one.

Then I use a touch of the Bose reverb on the vocal channel of the first S1.

One could try some tonematch settings on the first S1s "vocal" and "guitar" channels but I haven't found it necessary.  A vintage 1960s Strat and my Taylor T5z or Taylor K24ce sound pretty fine without anything other than a little EQ on the Behringer.  Same with our vocals using a C1000 and Neumann KMS105

I also usually roll off the bass on the S1s and roll up the treble a bit.

Chet 3, mind if I ask - why do you use a TRS 1/4" to XLR adapter/cable to connect your mixer to the S1 (as well as to connect the first S1 to the 2nd one)?  Why not just use straight TRS 1/4" balanced cable on both ends rather than switch to XLR? 

Hi Marlin,

Marlin posted:

Chet 3, mind if I ask - why do you use a TRS 1/4" to XLR adapter/cable to connect your mixer to the S1 (as well as to connect the first S1 to the 2nd one)?  Why not just use straight TRS 1/4" balanced cable on both ends rather than switch to XLR? 

With the Bose ToneMatch mixers that have 1/4" (6.3mm) Tip-Ring-Sleeve jack outputs, I use cables with 1/4" (6.3mm) plugs at both ends, when connecting to the S1 Pro.  

  • This provides a better match for the signal levels
    • Line level out to line level in
    • It may be a different story with non-Bose mixers, but that's unlikely
  • I don't have to think about which end goes to each device
    • Less walking back and forth
  • In a pinch, I can use a 1/4 (6.3mm) Tip-Ring-Sleeve cable for other things (somebody forgot their guitar cable).


@Steves Off The Couch , I use the headphone out from the 1002B for one more block of gain staging. When running this many channels into the Bose S1 Pro, it's important to have a clean output from the mixer that does not easily overdrive the clean aux input on channel 3 of the Bose S1 Pro. I prefer my vocals dry, as effects like reverb, muddy the okina (glottal stop) in Olelo Hawai'i (Hawai'i language). Each instrument has it's own separate preamp for separation and precise control on shared channels with the microphones. The BDI21 is essential to getting a punchy mid bass from the U-Bass, without robbing low frequency bandwidth from the rest of the mix.

Thank you Ric. I hooked my mixer up like yours into the S1.Im going to run the S1 1/4 inch out into the house xlr jack at my next venue..And On another venue that has no house system I’m planning on running the S1 1/4 in out to my  Bose  L1 Sys2  1/4 inch analog input. The L1 will be out in front and the S1 I will useas a monitor. Thoughts on that?

Aloha e @Steves Off The Couch . The headphone out on the 1002B is not ballanced. To convert the 1/4" amplified headphone out to XLR would require a DI box, such as the Carvin FDR 60 shown above with some level of attenuation to match the lower impedance and lower voltage of a balanced XLR house PA input. Experiment ahead of your gig to make sure you've got it down pat. One of my tenets is to rehearse my stage setups well ahead of our gigs. It's the same with using the Bose S1 Pro as a monitor. Feedback can be an annoyance for you, your audience and your venue (employer). Hope this helps.

Ric,Thank you so much for the info you provided. I’m not technical at all.I guess I’ll have to make sure I look at this more carefully. For some reason I’m pretty sure I purchased a low impedance xlr/1/4  adaptor but have not used. I’ll also look at the main outs on the mixer and the S1 output.If they’re balanced I’ll use them.for the most part I’m just using my acoustic and a mic. Ocassionally my friend plugs in his Roland electronic drums..

Or until I figure all this stuff out I’ll use my Tonematch..

Thank you

Hi Steves Off the Couch,

Steves Off The Couch posted:

Now that I think about it. When I run the output of my Tonematch into the xlr house system connector. I use the 1/4 in/xlr adaptor. Does that handle the unbalancdto balanced conversion?

If your adapter is

1/4" (6.3mm) Tip-Ring-Sleeve to XLR

and wired correctly, then there's no conversion. It's balanced to balanced (as it should be).


 Thanks guys.For tomorrow nites gig I’ll go 

TcHelicon Play acoustic into channel 1 an 2 of my Tonematch T1 running into my L1 SII B2.Master Out of T1 via TRS 1/4 in. cable into S1 channel 1. Channel 1 on S1 will have Tonematch switch off.I’ll have the L1 SII off to my side in front of me(to tight of a space to have behind me) and the S1 will be in front of me as monitor.

@Ric and ST I did my gig 2 nights ago set up as stated above and it worked perfectly.I got numerous compiments on the sound quality. And I was very happy with the S1 as a monitor.Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the setup..

last night I did another gig. Harmony singer2 into my Tonematch T1 Ch1 an Ch2 Master out of T1 via TRS 1/4 into S1 Ch1 (Tonematch switchoff,flat reverb bass an treble).Came out of S1 Output via TRS 1/4m to 1/4m into 1/4F to XLR jack into house system. I put the S1 in front of me as monitor. Wow! Worked great. S1 perfect as a monitor.Very large venue and it played through the house system flawlessly. I wish I could do all my gigs like that. Two trips in with my gear.Done! 

I thanks you guys and this thread for all the great ideas,input and feedback. I have been only doing this for a couple years (late bloomer).I’m really not good technically with equipment and sound.With the help of people who are willing to share their experiences,set ups and knowledge I’m getting better and better.

And of course I have to thank Bose for making really top qualty equipment.

I’m so glad I decided to get “Off the Couch”.....

Thank you again....

S1 saved the day!

I’ve attached photos of a gig I did a couple of weeks ago at a large catering hall for a 60th birthday. I didn’t see the venue prior to the gig but I knew it was large. To my surprise it was separated into two areas. The main dining area (Pic 1 and 3).And another area thru the barn sliding door that turned out to be a lobby area with a separate bar and was set up to be a gambling area.(Pic 2 and 4)The second area was actually larger than the dining area. I brought my Bose L1 B1 Sys2/Tonematch T1 and my Bose S1Pro figuring I’d use the S1 as a monitor in front of me on the floor. Once I saw that set up I panicked and said to myself “how the **** am I going to get the sound into the other area” (Bar/gambling room)? Luckily I brought the stand for the S1 and thought “screw the monitor,I’ll just set up the S1 by the doorway and point it into the other room.” As I did this I then realized I didn’t have an outlet close enough to plug in the S1. Another slight panicky moment,but then I thought, ”awesome,the S1 has a frickin battery!”

 I know the sound in the dining area was great because I was sitting in there and interacting with the people who gave me great feedback on the sound quality. But the icing on the cake was at the end of the party when the guest of honor who spent 90% of the time in the gambling area approached me and said he couldn’t believe the sound coming out of that little speaker! He said “it was if we were in the room you where playing in”.

I gotta tell you I was so relieved an pleased to hear that.

The S1 literally saved the day!

On another note, I have already started saving for another S1... The different applications are great. 

If anyone is on the fence about getting an S1? Just go for it. It’s a great product! I couldn’t be happier.





Edit: Added pictures
Bose Pro Community Admin  

@Ric I did a gig 3 weeks ago at a local bar.It was suppose to be just me an my acoustic.My buddy called and said he was coming down with his Bass and 2 other guys,Electric guitar player and drummer with electonic drum set.

I had my L1 b2 and the S1. Now I’m really a rookie at this performing stuff. only at it for 2 years never in a band. The guys that came down have been in bands for 40 years. I put the L1 in front of us and set the S1 down in monitor position facing us. We jammed all night. All three guys couldn’t believe how well the Bose performed as a monitor. They each heard themselves all nite long. Keep in mind, these guys have used many different monitors through out their playing years. So for them to be that impressed by the S1 really impressed me.

@Steves Off The Couch , as a performing musician for over 60 years (was playing a 3/4 scale neck acoustic guitar and singing with my case open outside of a Piggy Wiggly market for pennies, nickles, dimes and occasional quarters and less occasional dollars) and a live sound engineer for over 50 years, the Bose S1 Pro has totally impressed me. It comes as no surprise that your veteran performers are also impressed. My hat's off to you for getting off the couch and performing in public. It's great to see you're moving forward to performing in a small ensemble. Who was the alaka‘i (conductor, band leader, front man) at this performance?

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