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Designed for musicians, DJs and general PA use, the S1 Pro is the ultimate all-in-one PA, floor monitor and practice amplifier that's ready to be your go-anywhere Bluetooth music system for nearly any occasion. 

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Hi all,

Having read all the previous posts about battery draining while not in use I was curious. I read all these posts 2 days ago in Portugal and have just arrived back home in England. My S1 had been in its case turned off for 15 days (it was at around 80% charged when I left)

Just taken in out amd turned it on. Totally dead, not even a red light! 

Having only bought it a few weeks ago and used it a few times I can honestly say I absolutely love it and it is probably one of the best pieces of kit I have ever owned!

Sadly, now I must jump onboard with all you others and accept the sad fact that my beautiful Bose S1 Pro has the same flaw as many others have.

I hope Bose sort this out very soon - it seems to have been a long time since the problem was discovered and I am somewhat surprised that it has still not been solved.

I wait with baited breath for a development soon!

Best wishes to all.


Jimmy Prince posted:

So in a normal S1 unit how long is the battery supposed to stay charged? I charged mine 2 weeks ago and its still at 80% . not sure if this is normal or not. How long will it stay charged unplugged and off?

What's normal for the S1 Pro versus what's normal for lithium ion batteries (the type of battery in the S1 Pro), in general, is different. Lithium ion batteries hold a charge very well. I am also a photographer and have many photographic devices that use lithium ion batteries and they discharge very slowly when not used. My studio flash units can go months without use and still show 80% or more charge.

From my experience with the Bose S1 Pro (I have had several because Bose was replacing mine before they figured out there was an issue – they thought it was an isolated circumstance), they discharge the battery more quickly than I would expect but it's inconsistent. For instance, I charged my two S1 Pros more than two weeks ago and they still showed the charge level at 100%. These same two S1 Pros have, also, dropped to 80% in two weeks. The good news is that it sounds like your S1 Pro isn't doing too badly in holding a charge. (Some people have had issues with the battery going dead in seven days without use.)

Bose hasn't stated whether or not they have definitely found what is causing the batteries to discharge when not in use (in some units) but I'm confident they'll figure it out and start repairing them. The only question is when will that be.

ST has listed his recommended practices to use for now. That is: charge your S1 Pro after use and monitor it when it has been sitting unused, being sure to charge if it if needed. I check mine weekly when not in use and always the day before I have a performance.

For people who are reading along:

There's no new news to report. Bose is working on a sustainable solution and as soon as there is something to say, we will announce it here.

S1 Pro battery draining when not in use

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