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Designed for musicians, DJs and general PA use, the S1 Pro is the ultimate all-in-one PA, floor monitor and practice amplifier that's ready to be your go-anywhere Bluetooth music system for nearly any occasion. 

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Archtop Eddy posted:

UPDATE on Post-Fix battery status:

Dec 23, at 100 percent.

Dec 29, at 80 percent.

Jan 1, at 70 percent.

Jan 4, at 60 percent.

Jan 6, at 50 percent.

Jan 8, at 40 percent.

Jan 10, at 30 percent.

(Approx. 70 percent drainage after 18 days. Losing an average of 5 percent a day since Jan 1. At this rate it would run down from full charge to 5 percent or less in three weeks.)

Bose has asked me to return this unit (No. 1) so they can re-fix it.  Apparently, they used bad parts the first time around. I intend to return it but first...

I have two S1 Pros. My unit No. 2 was returned to me today -- "fixed". I plan to keep both my units for now and fully charge both tonight. I will then compare the battery drainage levels of both units with one another.  In this way I can determine if Unit No. 2 returned to me today is maintaining a battery charge better then the still faulty Unit No. 1.

I hope to be able to conduct this analysis for two weeks (at which point I may need to start using a unit for gigs). Hopefully by then I'll have some sense on where things stand and I will return the first unit for the follow-on repair.

I will keep you abreast of the result.

I wouldn't bother Eddie, they didn't fix mine 

So there you have it, how can both be true? Sam Spoons and I both outlined that these types of batteries, if/when fully discharging and remaining that way, over time, this is a problem that can result in damaged/degraded battery. Yet, I've seen several threads from ST about how it's perfectly fine for the battery discharge and this whole drain issue is really not that big of a deal, bc the the battery is still fine once you give it a full charge.  At least that's what I saw him say in the past. Has ST come to accept that the drain issue does possibly harm/degrade the battery? 

2nd, I'm about to send mine back for "repair", but I assume this is an exercise in futility, seeing as how the replies here lately indicate that "fixed" units aren't fixed at all, as they still have the problem.  Is Bose just trying to sweep this issue under the carpet? Hoping we eventually give up on a solution and just accept that we got a product with a flawed design/build?

I've just finished a long conversation with the UK customer service dept and they will be taking my S1 back for another go at a fix. I have had an assurance that should it not be successful they will honour the full refund offer my dealer has made (despite this going on for considerably longer than their 30 day return period). FWIW in the UK the warrantee is with the retailer not the manufacturer so I shall be informing the dealer tomorrow. 

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