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Designed for musicians, DJs and general PA use, the S1 Pro is the ultimate all-in-one PA, floor monitor and practice amplifier that's ready to be your go-anywhere Bluetooth music system for nearly any occasion. 

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So finally theS1 Pro Backpack arrived (Western Australia) and looks nice, well made. Definitely "dedicated" product, although I was also happy with one of the Gator Cases where you can put 2 x S1 and carry them both at once. Happy. Until the Backpack has arrived which changed my prospective on how to transport safely the speaker. So much so, I have just purchased (this time) the 2nd backpack.

Now here is the question: the Backpack has 2 handles one in horizontal position and the other one in vertical one.

And  the 2nd carrying option is where I am a little bit confused: when "under load" with the S1 and also with all the extra stuff you can put into the top compartment, zipper is the only thing which keeps the 2 parts of the backpack together? I know there is a  bit of the fabric which is attached to the main part, but that might not be enough (over time) to work for long, especially when one is going to use that top compartment to carry things like: ToneMatch T4S mixer, power adapter and leads, etc. Can anybody share some thoughts about it? I think Bose says S1 Pro weights 7kg on its own so when we add some extra stuff would that be safe and wise?




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Hi Julian8023,

Here are a few (unofficial) thoughts.

  • In the vertical position
    • If you load up the top section and close the inside zipper, it looks to me like most of the weight of the upper section is supported above the outside zipper.  The outside zipper isn't bearing much of the weight of the gear in the top section.
    • The zipper is most vulnerable to damage when it is partially open. Close it up and it looks strong to me.
  • In the horizontal position
    • I get better ground clearance. This means it's easier to lift over low obstructions like chairs as I'm maneuvering through the venue.
    • I have more control of the weight because of the shorter arm-of-the pendulum effect.
  • If I'm going to carry it for any distance, I use the backpack straps.
  • When it's loaded up, I avoid yanking it suddenly by the straps or handles.  I do the same with any bag or backpack.


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