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Designed for musicians, DJs and general PA use, the S1 Pro is the ultimate all-in-one PA, floor monitor and practice amplifier that's ready to be your go-anywhere Bluetooth music system for nearly any occasion. 

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S1 Pro Backpack preview

Thanks for this ST!  I've been wondering what it looks like.  If it's really padded well, which I think it would be, I've got to have one.  I did the unboxing (and made a video I will edit and upload later) of the S1 Pro and while the slip cover..  well it covers....that's about it.  No protection at all for the control panel etc.   So this is a definite must!  Same with the B2 Bass Module.  Nicely done but no real protection.  Tiki Covers made the very nice one for my B2, perhaps they will also make one for this.   I'll be watching here.  

Here is Craig-at-Bose talking about the S1 Pro Backpack. Jump to 4:51

If you watch all the way to the end - the prices he quotes are in Canadian dollars. This was shot at L&M in Canada.  You can find current pricing on Bose.com


My hope is that Bose is really smart about this backpack. A carrying case is nice but not that enticing. I need something to hold all needed for portable use or busking. So cords and cables, cargo pockets large enough for mixer and mic. More pockets for some extras, and loops for a Mic Stand. I would like to carry two cases, one for instrument and one for all portable and busking needs. Bose just put their toes into a truly portable unit for both in and outdoor use. The carrying bag should also reflect the portable mindset, one bag one instrument movement.

Thanks dvmweb for the tip and great out-of-the-box thinking!  Since cajons are taller than the S1, it leaves plenty of room at the top of the bag for cables, mics, etc. While I'd like to see what Bose comes up with, this is definitely something to look into.  A couple of quick questions... Is it padded well?  Since the S1 is only 13 inches tall and the bag is 20.5 inches tall, with the S1 in the bag do the straps feel okay given the short height and lower center of gravity of the S1?  Thanks!

Yes it is padded.

I will try to post a picture of it packed up.

I play a Martin D28 with a piezo pick up in the bridge. I use a Digitech vocal harmony pedal and a Fishman Aura preamp. I have a lightweight plasticky speaker stand, I like it. My mic stand is smaller too. I have a Sennheiser vocal mic. I use a mic stand mounted holder for my ipad and a tray attached to the mic stand for picks and capo, etc.

I can fit everything in the bag with the S1 on the bottom. I wrap it in a towel and then pack everything around it. It weighs about 25 (+) pounds. The stands do stick out. I carry it on my back and guitar in one hand. One trip!

If this is meant for me,

Will send pics a bit later, but for now SM58 durable mic capable of outdoor abuse. xf pedals = reverb strymon, delay I swap it out sometimes a mini crybaby, sometimes a parametric EQ  these may change by whim. A foldable mic stand as light and sturdy as possible without stability issues.  Bose S1 pro with battery 40 watts. Trace elliot cubes x2 not battery powered 60 watts x2.cables no preference on cables.  Uke or guitar, guitar Petros. One of his first - Petros Guitars.com pickup sunrise and trace audio, MiSi on UKE. Aside from the pedals I try to keep it simple S1, instrument, mic, cables, and pedals....

Thanks CCC for the reply, but I was responding to dwmweb's use of a cajon bag to carrying around his S1 and his gear.  Since you responded however -- quite the rockin' setup you have there my man!

In my case, along with my guitar, I carry my S1, a Boss Acoustic Singer VE-8 pedal, a Boss FS-5U pedal, a Rat pedal, a Sennheiser mic and stand, an iPad and stand, a stand for the S1, six cables of assorted length, and a tip jar.  I'm hoping the Meinl cajon bag dwmweb suggested could hold a bunch of this stufff. I think it can, and if so, I can minimize logistic issues when busking or doing small solo gigs.  Since the bag is 20.5 inches tall and the S1 is only 13 inches tall, there's a lot of extra room on top for the pedals, cables and what-not.

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