S1 Pro Backpack preview

Thanks for this ST!  I've been wondering what it looks like.  If it's really padded well, which I think it would be, I've got to have one.  I did the unboxing (and made a video I will edit and upload later) of the S1 Pro and while the slip cover..  well it covers....that's about it.  No protection at all for the control panel etc.   So this is a definite must!  Same with the B2 Bass Module.  Nicely done but no real protection.  Tiki Covers made the very nice one for my B2, perhaps they will also make one for this.   I'll be watching here.  

Here is Craig-at-Bose talking about the S1 Pro Backpack. Jump to 4:51

If you watch all the way to the end - the prices he quotes are in Canadian dollars. This was shot at L&M in Canada.  You can find current pricing on Bose.com


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