S1 Pro Backpack announcement

The S1 Pro Backpack will be available in August1 June 2018. Price and ordering information will be coming soon.

Here are some pictures of the prototype.


Photo of a prototype at NAMM

1 We're sorry, the S1 Pro Backpacks should be available for purchase online by August 1, 2018.

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No dimensions? Looks like it could use wheels. Is it really back packable or is it designed for only tall people? Major flat back looks like luggage not something to fill and place on one's back. Weight?  Seriously it does not look like it is compatible to the human physique. What is it made of? 


I appreciate all St but just to add a few more questions for this :

Where does the weight lie, shoulders, hips, is the weight adjustable, can you place weight on the hips to take the pressure off the shoulders?  The average busker will be carrying about 30 lbs, or is this design not really meant to be carried on the back?



Thanks for the additional photos ST. It would be cool if they could show what the inside looks like unzipped so we can see how much room there is in the main compartment for stuff other than the S1 Pro. Of course, this isn't absolutely necessary since we can take a guess looking at the available pictures and we'll know for sure when we receive our backpacks.  It's just that it would be cool to see the innards.

Again, thanks ST for all you've done to get us the straight scoop on these backpacks.

Does anyone have any news of when the backpack will be available for sale -- I'm in Canada. I'd like to get one.

I bought a handy mat to put under my S1 when I'm outdoors -- then found that the body of the S1 is picking up lint/fluff from my car seat ... arrrgh. I hate when the case is not perfect-looking!

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