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Designed for musicians, DJs and general PA use, the S1 Pro is the ultimate all-in-one PA, floor monitor and practice amplifier that's ready to be your go-anywhere Bluetooth music system for nearly any occasion. 

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Hi All,

I'm using the S1 next week for the first time and I'm a bit of an AV noob looking for advice and things to watch out for. 

The setting:

A 10x10 tradeshow booth next to about a 200 other booths of various sizes (we're on the smaller side) with 40,000 software developers walking through. 

The goal:

Most of the time, we'll be using the S1 to amplify an engineer giving a demo to 4 to 10 people. However, we have several times where we could easily have 30 to 50 people gathered around our booth.

My tech setup:

S1 on a stand

Shure BLX wireless with a Countryman e6i mic

Shure SM58 wired mic

Av-jefes Avl-630-sh4 & Shure Lav mic for backup

 My worry:

I'm not going to have much time to set up. For a good chunk of the time, the volume will be on the lower side and then we'll have to turn it up for the occasional larger moment. Thoughts on how I make that set-up and transition well?

I'm also paranoid about feedback, so avoidance tips there would be helpful too.

Anything else I should consider?


Original Post

Hi Abnerg,

Welcome to the Bose Portable PA Community.

Thanks for all the details.

First suggestion: Set everything up before you get to the show floor. Figure out how everything works and learn to deal with any issues in advance.

Take extra batteries!

Put the S1 Pro on the stand so the talker with the microphone will be behind it (ideal) or beside it (okay).

This will be a challenge to the talker because s/he may not be able to hear himself very well, so he'll have to trust that it's all working. There's a little stress associated with that, because when a talker can't hear himself, he tends to talk louder to compensate. That's good for the microphone and gain before feedback. It's just harder on the talker's voice.

Aim the S1 Pro at the listeners. I know, that sounds obvious now, but you'd be surprised how often people don't do it.

Turn up the S1 Pro channels only for the microphone(s) you are actively using.

Countryman Microphone

If you got the directional version try the Cardioid tip or Hypercardioid tip. It's hard to predict which will work best. It depends on where the talker will be in relation to the S1 Pro.

Set things up so the E1 microphone is not pointing at the S1 Pro. For example, if the talker is wearing the microphone over the left ear, the microphone is pointing right. Put the S1 Pro in front of, or beside, and to the left of the talker. Try all three ToneMatch Presets to see which sounds best.

Handheld microphone

If you use the hand held microphone - hold it as close to the mouth as possible.  (Within and inch or two, not 10-12 inches).  Closer is better. Talk into the microphone, not across it. Use the ToneMatch Preset for microphone.  Be aware where you point the microphone - never at the S1 Pro.

Lavalier Microphone

The Shure Lav microphone is the most likely to be a problem. It's hard to get those close enough to the mouth to get good gain before feedback.


If you get feedback, turn down the volume, or turn down the treble a little.

Also - if it's obvious that people are having trouble hearing the talker, invite them to come in closer.

Does that help?

FWIW - the S1 performed very well on a noisy trade show floor. I noticed one other booth that had one with a wired mic and no stand. When we head toward a larger booth next year, I'll probably want either another speaker, but for this outing, it worked well. Fortunately, our booth was at the end of a line of booths. If we had been in the middle of a group of 10x10s, we would have definitely annoyed our neighbors.

In one case, we had it cranked all the way up, which was great for our marquee speaker and drawing people in, but since we didn't have any seats, there was a ring of people. We used the Av-jefes Avl-630-sh4 and Countryman almost exclusively. Next time I would bring a little tape to make sure those stayed on my speaker's cheeks. 

S1 in Action

S1 in action ^

@ST thanks again for the tips. Super helpful.


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