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I just have to share this with my Bose family.

I did a little afternoon gig yesterday at a 90th birthday party in a local pub hall, they had arranged the tables like a banquet hall, there were about 40 people, I was booked to sing old time sing-a-longs for an hour after the meal.

As you can see from the picture I popped my little S1 on a stand and kept the whole affair uncomplicated, iPad and vocals straight through the S1 and the guitar in channel two by way of my Xvive.

The room wasn't that big, about twenty feet wide and maybe fifty feet long, I usually use the S1 at floor level but I wanted to project across the tables so I popped it on a stand and I must say that once again my little S1 left me totally impressed and stood up to the job with absolute ease.

The sound was fantastic, clean and plenty loud enough for the size venue and audience size, some guy commented at how he couldn't believe the power and quality of sound from such a tiny box.

As always I had my L1 Compact in the boot just on the off chance that the venue was going to be big and noisy but as it happens my little S1 was more than adequate for the job in hand.

To this very day my little S1 still astounds me by it's size and ability to make me sound good!

The photo was taken on a phone so image quality isn't great but you'll get the idea.





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That’s awesome Geoff! I was just at an outdoor gig where they provided a sound system, but the generator kept blowing a fuse. We just got out our trusty S1 we brought as a backup and played on under its battery power. Folks were amazed at how well the S1 performed. I do like having the S1 on a stand as well. I find I’m using the S1 in more and more circumstances.

Did you use the Xvive U2 for the guitar? Does your guitar have a passive or active pickup (built in preamp)? I’m assuming you like it?

I recently bought their U3 wireless mic system and was very impressed. My next foray was looking into the U2 so was curious about that. 

Thanks for sharing. 

My band recently played a wedding with well over a hundred folks in attendance.  We were located in a closed carport (with the food, he-he) but also had to cover a backyard filled with tents/chairs about 200' long and 40' wide.  We had my EON ONE in the garage serving as a monitor/subwoofer and two S1 Pros on stands that completely covered the yard!

At another gig, I setup the two S1 Pros on stands along with the house EON ONE (to hold up the bottom) and my QSC mixer and filled a club/restaurant filled with about 50-60 people.  Country Music Band: drums, 3 vocals, 2 guitars and bass (through bass amp).  It's amazing how loud, clean and clear the S1s were even with electric guitars through effects straight into the mixer.

I've found I prefer the S1s on stands so even for smaller gigs bring a stand for them.

I have both the U3 and U2 systems.  I've been using the xVive U2 for bass and guitars for well over a year.  They work GREAT and recharge quickly. I own three of them.

I've also used the U3 lately for microphone and mixer to powered speaker(s).  It also works great and surprised me with over 3 hours of battery life as well.  I have two of those.

Looking at your setup...the contrast between that tidy arrangement and the "good old days" when we used to have to set up a truck load of equipment and trip over tons of wires to get an inferior sound is astounding.

I use an S1 Pro and have both xvive u2 and u3.  The u2 does drop out occasionally in clashing on frequencies with u3, adequate distance between units needed, which isn’t always possible as a solo performer using mic and guitar. You can select different frequency bands between u2 and u3 but there are several overlapping frequencies in the two devices so not totally avoidable. 

Having tested the U2 in a number of environments  and set ups ie audio interfaces it does give some digital whine issues. Manual does say it may not play well with active pickups. I have a Takamine with built in preamp if pushing the volume on the pre it does give audible noise with u2, Lowering the volume and or treble EQ on pre masks it and it does work but its a balance.  The S1 will amplify any noise.

Hope this assists.



Since I own 3 U2s and 2 U3s, I did an analysis of the frequencies used by the U2 and U3 systems (contained in the manuals) in order to find non-conflicting channels.

I found two channels used by the U3 that won't conflict with the U2.  Channels 3 and 4 on the U3 use none of the channels used by the U2 system.

I just started using Bose speakers.  I have an S1 for small audiences and two L1 1s with two B1s and a B2 bass unit for medium venues.  I have a T8s on its way.  Any gigs bigger than that always come with their own sound and engineer.  I will say that when I was with the New Christy Minstrels we used two small Bose mains in every venue we played and they were always up to the task.  Amazing technology!  And thanks for sharing.  It is helpful.

Small world.  I played a string of very nice gigs with William Florian a few years back - another New Christy Minstrel alum.

One of those gigs was using my Bose L1M2 with 2 B1s to fill a hall crammed with over 300 avid listeners!

The Bose carried William's guitar and vocal and our Cajon player's microphones.  My bass was played through a Genz-Benz amp and SWR speakers.

The hard bit was muscling bits of stage to re-configuring it with a tongue out front for Will to stand on so we could get him far enough in front of the system (about 12 feet) to get enough level to fill the hall without terrible feedback.

Chet posted:

Since I own 3 U2s and 2 U3s, I did an analysis of the frequencies used by the U2 and U3 systems (contained in the manuals) in order to find non-conflicting channels.

I found two channels used by the U3 that won't conflict with the U2.  Channels 3 and 4 on the U3 use none of the channels used by the U2 system.

Thx Chet ... This is a great share! ... I'm sure I'll find your info invaluable once I pickup my U3's.

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