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Designed for musicians, DJs and general PA use, the S1 Pro is the ultimate all-in-one PA, floor monitor and practice amplifier that's ready to be your go-anywhere Bluetooth music system for nearly any occasion. 

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If we're doing the duo in a fairly big room, can we Bluetooth to an S1 on a stand to blast into the other bar around a corner?

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So, is that to say that I can set up with the L1 in the main room, and use the S1 for the room around the corner, with Bluetooth connection from the L1?

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Hi Funkifized,

You will need a Bluetooth transmitter connected to the L1.

Depending on the Bluetooth transmitter you may have limited range (10 meters or less). There are high power Bluetooth transmitters, but you'll have to do some research on that.

There will be an audible delay between the L1 and the S1 Pro when connecting via Bluetooth.  That will be disconcerting for anyone who can hear the sound from both systems.


Cool, then I would recommend you consider using the Xvive U3 wireless mic system to connect from an Aux Out on your mixer into one of the channels of the S1. 

The U3 has a mic/line switch that you can set to line mode to wirelessly connect your mixer to a speaker like the S1. There’s a lot of folks on various threads currently that are starting to use the U3 and seem to really like it. It uses the 2.4ghz frequency which would be far better than Bluetooth. 

So little it’s imperceptible. I have one I’ve been using with a mic and it’s been great where any latency would be highly distracting and have found no issues.

Certainly Bluetooth latency would be highly noticeable.

If you’d like to see a very comprehensive, independent review (42 mins long) of the U3 see this video.

If you don't have to use bluetooth, the Sennheiser Lavalier mic system works great with the Bose T4 mixer. Connect the belt pack transmitter to the 1/4in headphone input. Then connect the belt pack receiver to channel 1 on the S1 and adjust your audio input and squelch accordingly on the belt pack. The transmitter will rest on top of the S1 nicely and out of the way.  This way you have a separate volume control with the headphone jack volume control for your S1 in the other room and your main volume control for the room you're performing in. Also no latency whatsoever. Just a thought...  

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