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Designed for musicians, DJs and general PA use, the S1 Pro is the ultimate all-in-one PA, floor monitor and practice amplifier that's ready to be your go-anywhere Bluetooth music system for nearly any occasion. 

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(Wow, the Bose forum has changed, I think, since I last visited!)

Anyway I was strongly looking at getting the S1 Pro but the best info I have says that, regardless of how much I use the unit, its rechargeable LI-Ion battery will have a maximum life of 2-3 years (and I assume that's the same battery that Bose sells for it for $99). Is this correct? It's less of a deal-breaker than I thought, since $99 isn't horrendously expensive, but it's definitely a factor for me.... Comments? Thanks....

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Lithium ion batteries have a finite number of charge-discharge cycles, regardless of whether it’s in your S1 or your phone. I don’t think you can ding Bose for this since its a logical consequence of portability. I personally prefer the rechargeable factor of the S1 to the flashlight battery option of some of the other portable PAs. 

In my Carvin S400D, I had two batteries to replace every couple of years and they are the lead acid type that add a lot of weight to the unit was pretty much the same price as the Bose S1 Pro, but not the same sound quality as the superior Bose. At best it would get 3 to 3/12 hours with two batteries fully charged and would have to be charged almost a full day after that. At the two year mark, the batteries would only run 2 to 2 1/2 hours at best. With the batteries inserted, the Carvin S400D is three times the weight of the Bose S1 Pro. You can also see the complexity of changing the batteries in the Carvin S400D. I've always use the Carvin with it's matching 810 extension cabinet and it's never had the coverage of a single Bose S1 Pro. Here's a photo of mine from about 20 years ago. It's at least 4 times the physical size of the Bose S1 and takes up a lot of trunk space.






Not meant as a ding on Bose -- the battery feature is awesome. I'm just too illiterate about rechargeable battery types to know if this is the best kind (but it's Bose, so I assume it is!). I'm also looking at the Fishman Charge, which, for all I know, uses the same kind of rechargeable battery, which would make this a non-issue. But if there's an option for a rechargeable battery that doesn't require replacement after just 2-3 years, I'd want to know. The search continues... But this S1 looks pretty sweet, for sure.

Hi EssEll,

Nice to see you again. Yes, we went through a major update to the community platform a couple of years ago.

The battery in the S1 Pro system is covered under the two year warranty.  Yes, that's the same S1 Pro battery that's available online. Initially the battery was an optional item. Now it's included with the unit.

I understand, the cost is a factor.  Treat the battery as a consumable. At least, it's something you can replace on your own (two screws, the whole process can be done in a minute or two).  These days, it's getting harder to find a product with a rechargeable battery that allows you to do that.



This was a Jonathon Tarr Foundation Scholarship Picnic in 2008 at a park in Encinitas, California (San Diego). The Huge Roland BA-330 cabinets and the AC-33 on the ground ran on 24 AA MiMH rechargeable batteries along with 24 AA Alkaline batteries. At intermission after 2 hours. I replaced the 24 NiMH rechargeable batteries with freshly recharged ones as the sound was deteriorating at the end of the set. Again, one single Bose S1 Pro with a Xenix 1002B mixer does this entire job better and with better sound quality.


Changing all those batteries pretty much prevented me from eating all the great Hawai'i food and I made a sandwich with King's Hawai'i Rolls and huli huli chicken with a bottle of water while the rest of the band feasted. If only the Bose S1 Pro was available 10 years ago, my life would have been so much simpler!

It's my understanding that Lithium batteries begin deteriorating on the day they're manufactured.  They are also usually rated by the number of charge/discharge cycles they can accomplish...

It's also my understanding that as they get older they just can't be charged fully -- like a maximum of 80% charge after x years...

Since the S1 can easily cover the longest gigs I will be doing, I'm not too worried about a little diminished capacity...

I suspect that if Bose is guaranteeing the S1 batteries for 2 years I expect at least 3 to 4 useful years out of my batteries (barring defects or bad power)...

Ric posted:

I'd like to see Bose sell an external battery charger for the Bose S1 Pro battery, so when the original battery starts to show reduced performance, a newer spare charged battery can be swapped out for more run time. 

It's so easy to swap out the battery, i think the S1 Pro IS the battery charger.

Nice. Answers a question I had on another thread. It also suggests that getting a second battery to swap in and out isn't a good idea (or necessary) since then in 2-4 years you'd be spending $200 to replace both of them, instead of just waiting to replace the one when it needs it.

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