So yesterday I got a chance to play a Rick Taylor Model-1 guitar for my first time ever yesterday. Plugged into the PS-1, it was one of the greatest experiances of my life. I have been saving up for a Gretsch Nashville for a while now but I may have to invest in one of these. Thats how life changing this guitar is.

FYI: this is the guitar that Lindsay Buckingham uses.
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Turner/Taylor, whatever... the guy's obviously stoked so I wouldn't expect him to get the names straight. 'Must be very exciting and LB always knew what to do with one of those!

Ty, just curious, are you more finger-style with your electric chops?

Enjoy the axe bro!
Many years ago I let one of these slip through my fingers.

Bah! another one of life's blunders.

ASAT - curious about your question.
Ty, just curious, are you more finger-style with your electric chops?

Where's that going?

I'm all fingers, no picks.
Originally posted by Ty-at-Bose:
Actually I finally let go of my picks a few months ago. Sometimes I still go back but I've really enjoyed the versatility gained by using my fingers. It was difficult at first but since I’ve built up the calluses its been great.

I just had a hunch Ty probably plucked w/fingers if using an electric guitar like this? Since the late 70's I've always associated this build with a fingerpick style. I love the way lotsa folks play/sound with fingers on electric so that's always been a curiosity to me?

Cool axe and all the best with it!
so this mama bear by dtar. i take it that it is an accoustic modeler? meaning it digitaly has presets to model accoustic guitars, after its initial preamp stage?
sure is tough to buy things these days, seems like anly a few months ago the aura was the thing. now the mama bear. makes one wonder what will be about in the next few months.
obviously folks will make use of all types of gear out there, but sure gets hard and time consuming to experiment (or afford) all the gizmo's, amongst the time also spent performing. it was a big concern of mine when i bought the pas. but luckily, no matter what, it is the backbone and has stayed consistant. perhaps one can always improve, but from where it all started with the pas, even minimal processing, and a simple pickup will get the job done and sound quite nice. guess it gets to a point of how much wants to spend sometimes, and how long that will satisfy the palette until somethin new comes about. once computers ( or computer technology) become involved, it seems to stay up on tech and advances, is as difficult as stayin up with stand alone computers themselves.
all that said, it is good some folks are able to buy and experiment and give feedback for all the new stuff. a big thanks for that.
to me computers are great, however, seems by the time one figures all out one can do with a particular puter or gizmo, its already by the way side.
also, from following the thread i remember mentioning the wall of sound thing very early in the pas forum days and commenting on it.
and finally have always found ricks guitars interesting, never have played one though. havent been able to find pricing, or how to or where to purchase....sounds like neat new gear all in all.
Unfortunately, a "simple pickup" won't ever get it with an acoustic guitar. While sound board transducers (SBTs) can deliver a nice sound, feedback is always an issue. UnderSaddle Transducers (USTs) are reasonably feedback immune, but can have a simplistic tone to them. Now that we can de-construct the contribution of wood and air into an algorithm, we can make the more feedback proof pickups sound really great. That's what we're doing with Mama Bear. And at least with our approach, I wouldn't worry too much about quick obsolescence. We went pretty far with the analog stages, and the digital is all 32 bit, so Mama is going to sound good for quite a few years to come. We also designed a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) front panel...very you don't need to read a 50 page manual just to get a sound.
well im with ya there on the single pickup type. been experimenting with this stuff for years, and just came to the conclusion nothin would ever sound totally accoustic. one just had to get something that sounded pleasing, and something that would fit their style.
guess modeling is what is available now. seems to have started with the amp modelers etc. so seems to reason that other instruments that can benefit will come into their own with this. I am one whom is hoping, possibly it will improve piano samples etc ( piano modeling? ) as the tech grows, so it is very interesting technology. with folks like you at the helm, im sure mama bear is top notch as far as the tech goes. will just have to see where i can get one with a return policy if its not my cup o tea. i do agree the mama bear seems much more easy and uncomplicated , however im sure there are lots of sounds in it to keep one busy experimenting. i do like the idea for sure. i think the idea you have above with your model one would be great. have alot right there in ones hands. i have always been amazed at the design of that guitar.
Don't confuse sampling with modeling. They're very different. With modeling technology, we're manipulating the transfer function of a signal using an algorithm derived from another instrument. With sampling, you're actully triggering a pre-recorded sound. What we're doing with Mama Bear can be thought of as being three dimensional EQ where we're manipulating not only the frequency content but also the phase the frequencies are passed through with some being delayed in time. That's what an acoustic instrument does to a string changes the frequency/time signature of the string.
yea, guess it was a bit confusing the way i worded. but yes, i understand. i didnt think the mama bear was a sample type thing. but more as you described. thanks. just guess im hopin someday digital pianos sound better through some type of technology someday. although they have come along way, most still to me can have that somewhat metallic sound. technically guess the piano is a percussion instrument. but with the strings and all the variables it sure makes it a complicated instrument to harness. thanks for your feedback. may have some questions on your guitars, but i'll post them through email or on the other appropriate forum for that info. thanks again
Good points WFS. It is interesting what we go through to find "the sound" of what ever instrument. I had a real live Baby Grand piano for years and never like the sound that much. Run a pRP7 General Music keyboard(not all that new technology) through the PAS and I like the piano sound a lot and others who have heard it really thought they were hearing a real piano until they looked over or came around the corner to see how I tricked them aurally. If they SAW it first might be a little different. You know how visual some of us are.
Now with the Mama Bear I am getting a rich full very believable sweet acoustic guitar sound (enough superlatives?) out of a stick with a UST in it. Yes the Yamaha Silent Guitar and the PAS. No feedback.
I don't really care how the tech stuff works (though it is fun to try to understand it, and Rick explains well as does the Bose crew) I just know it does. Good enough for a simple boy like me. Will I try the "newest and latest"? Heck yeah. But boy am I pleased now and if it never gets better I'm very happy with this. And I will keep fooling ears from now on easier than ever.
That's all I got. Thanks for "listening".
well, i think we all agree any tech will not make a bad player good. but a good player i do believe can play better when he ( or she ) hears things the way they feel they want to hear them. or finding equipment whatever it might be to accentuate the strong points of a player.
this is what i loved about the pas from the beginning. finally something that seemed to really allow the dynamics of ones playing to come across. im somewhat a believer that dynamics can be much more powerful than alot of flashy playin. and the 2 together are what the greats are made of. knowing when to play and when not, and also what to play, and how.
any piece of equipment that can bring the player more close to achieving this and hearing things cant do anything but improve ones playing, if it makes the player feel more comfortable in the live surounding. i play alot by ear on the guitar, and can do so much more when i hear things more as i wish. when i dont, well one whose has played for some time can easily go through the motions, but i always leave a gig dissapointed, regardless of what the audience thought. the pas has been the building block for me. i think you and others wil agree, there will always be room for improvement, but even before all the things that came out since. the pas i believe will make any good piece of equipment as the mama bear, or whatever someone chooses, shine better than through any conventional pa. at least at the levels that the pas produces, and was designed for.its nice to build something from the botom up i think. i think you and i will certainly agree the pas was a great p[lace to start. will definetly have to try this mama bear if i can...thanks again for all your posts and contributions

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