It's happened a number of times before, but I get the most amazing feeling when I hear about a player, especially one as accomplished as Rick, inspired to start playing again.

Believe me, a story like this makes all the hard work melt like an ice cube in warm water.

Beautiful, Rick and Kramster.
Indeed. Rick's Mama Bear really makes my L1 excel. Even when I set my Taylors to the T1's Tonematch suggestions, it still sounded less than full.

The Mama Bear took care of it; I've used it for over a year now, gigging steadily with other PAs and amps, and wouldn't play a show without the Mama. Now it makes my L1 shine.
Hi David,

I couldn't find the original article but did find this partial quote.


A review by Rick Turner of the Cylindrical Radiator(r) speaker with his superb instruments just appeared at the Acoustic Guitar website.

"I just spent the better part of a day with Cliff Hendricksen, chief designer of the Bose PAS system. He sent me one of the units including the subwoofer module, and we ran a whole gamut of my instruments equipped with D-TAR pickups through the PAS. I am totally knocked out the sound of these speakers, and the electronics are clean as can be. I have never heard my instruments sound this good; the frequency response is spectacular, the sound field totally seductive (at least in the small room I've got it in), the feedback threshold pretty amazing with amplified acoustic instruments, and with 750 watts pumping, the headroom is incredible, especially with my semi-hollow instruments which just don't feed back.

Cliff and I developed some EQ curves that he's going to turn into presets that I can load into the PAS head. These are mostly the familiar smiley curve, but with some variations including some extreme high frequency boosts that open up the transparency of the sound. Our favorite instrument through the system was one of my baritone six strings. It sounds like a grand piano through the PAS.

Then we plugged in Mama Bear, and that was just tons of fun. With the dimensionality of the PAS augmented by the dimensionality of Mama Bear, we really got some 3D, you're living inside a guitar house kind of sounds.

I'll have the PAS down at NAMM to use for demoing, and I'll also be letting some of our local musicians use it in club settings here in Santa Cruz. I'm already trying to figure out if Bose would like to trade for an instrument. This thing could inspire me to actually develop my guitar chops again after years of soft fingertips."

Source: Review by guitar guru Rick Turner in Acoustic Guitar forum.

There is also a video interview with Rick Turner

Rick Turner Interview in the wiki.

If you like that one, check out these other ToneMatch® Partner Interviews.

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