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Firstly I just wanted to say what a great resource this forum is and the lack of trolls and negative comments is so refreshing (and rare) these days.

I've been a more than happy L1 T1 user for approximately 10 years and counting. I don't like getting bogged down in details and I love just finding a good sounding preset for each instrument, plug in and play...beautiful!

I've had wonderful feedback over the years on the clarity of my sound (both the PA and hopefully my performance!) but I'm wondering whether I'm selling myself short by not exploring the potential of the T1 further?

I play outdoors at an outback resort in Australia and I have not explored the reverb and other options - mainly because I've had no complaints over the years, it sounds good to me on stage and given the small window for set-up, I never really have an opportunity to experiment with the settings in sound checks.

I have noticed though on some live video of my shows, the audio sounds DRY and nothing like what I remember the performance being. It could just be the videos but I wonder if I'm underselling myself by not exploring reverb or other FX options - especially given I play outdoors so there is no natural room reverb to go off. 

I've read some advice where you should definitely turn mute the FX when talking between songs and turn it back on when singing - which is handy advice.

I know it will probably just take me the time to find a location to go through the various options and experiment in my own time, but is anyone in a similar situation to me in an outdoor setting with a similar set up and willing to offer some advice or your experiences?

My set up (solo singer songwriter):

L1 Model 2 with T1 and two B1 Bass Units

Vocals - Shure SM58

Guitar - Cole Clark Fat Lady 2

Foot Percussion - Peterman Stompdafloor stompbox + LP Foot tambourine


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Great story and kudos to you. We use a touch of reverb  but no more! It sounds wonderful. We have the same setup as you and the vocals are pristine! More is not necessarily better. 

It was a bit daunting going through the FX but after a while, I got the hang of it while using them judiciously and once I get everything sounding good I save the settings in case I go back to that room at a later date. Bose is a blessing!

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