I had a small party this past weekend and I did not hook up the remote at first but I found that I was lacking in power and I had things turned up pretty high just to get some noise in the room.. I hooked up the remote while everything was still playing but I didn't notice any diff in volume.. I was hoping that I wouldn't have to reset the system by turning it off and back on to get the desired results. Should the system recognize the remote at anytime or did I need to turn it off???

Also some fun feedback from others out there.. What songs do you like to play when background music is needed to avoid those long silences for people speaking and handing out awards/gifts/recognition?
Lately I've been going with the Beastie Boys Groove Holmes but I'd love to hear what others play.
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Hi Wally,
I hooked up the remote while everything was still playing but I didn't notice any diff in volume.
Your perception was correct. The system will only recognize the remote if it's connected when the system is powered up...

On the other hand, if you set and then disconnect the remote after the PS1 is powered up, the system will retain those settings until the power is turned off. Make sense?

Thanks for posting. I like your choice of background music - never would have guessed it! Here's hoping that we hear from others...
Chuck-At-BOSE : My experience differs sightly and I wonder if this has changed with the updates.

When system is on and I plug in the wired remote with, say the master volume set at 3 o'clock instead of 12, there's a momentary drop out and then it jumps to the 3 o'clock volume level. Is this an anomaly? Hmmm. Maybe I'd better check again...could be wrong.
Hi Cap,

Thanks for your post. Every time that I've tried (only a couple of times, before I understood how it works), the PS1 didn't recognize the remote unless it was plugged in prior to power up. Nothing in the firmware update was designed to address the way the R1 operates. We'd be most interested in knowing if you can repeat that 'jump from 12:00 to 3:00' behavior...

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