Quick Stage Layouts

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I've put together some ideas about how we setup our four piece band on stages of various sizes. In case you are wondering, all the diagrams on this page were created with The Sketcher 
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Medium Stage 20-25 feet

This is nice balanced layout that we use on stages 20-25 feet wide.

If there are walls on either side of the stage or we are not running very loud, I usually turn the outer systems inward like this to make it easier for everyone on stage to hear the players on the ends.


Tiny  12-15 feet

On a really tiny stage we may run with three Systems like this. The Bass and Kick Drum are running through the System on the right side of the stage.

Small 15-20 feet 

 - With a little more room we're back to 4 Systems


Transition: Medium to Large

When moving from a medium sized stage to a larger stage, you can leave the Systems in place while the players spread out and forward. This lets you turn up the Systems to get more overall volume.


When moving to a larger stage, you can leave the Systems where they are like this.

Large 30+ feet

The players are have more space between them and they are standing farther in front of their Systems. This lets them turn up the volume and hear each other.


Don't make the transition from Medium

to Large by putting more space between the Systems

This seems like a natural thing to do, but you will probably make it more difficult for everyone on stage to hear the players at the extremes. In the meantime, you are probably not making much difference for the people in the audience.

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