Well Dance host what can I say about a dual system. You get the true stereo effect number one. As you have said it looks impressive. I always want my clients impressed and there family and friends or who ever I'm doing events for to feel that they have gotten there moneys worth.

Yes I know its not just about equipment but my desire is for them to feel that I have brought the best of the best to there event. Many of the weddings we do are about 200 people or over.
Since many people are open to perception even if wrong most folks just look at anything by itself as not complete. I like the symmetry of the double system.

As far as the LCD is concerned we use OTSAV which allows for a slide show. I use only one JPEG so it does not do a slide show but stays on one picture. I want it too look elegant and reflect a since of that and the importance of the reception.

When playing standard audio songs the screen remains the same but when doing a music video the screen fades to the video and then another unless its a standard song then is just fades back. Here is a pic with lights though kind of blurry.

I will be updating my lighting this year to a single truss and this larger truss with more lights. Yes I know it looks naked I have already heard about it ). Here also is our website and you can see the section I have about Bose and some other pictures www.tngdj.com .

OTS will soon be doing visuallizations which programs like Virtual DJ already do. Though I personally own both I find OTS the most stable of the 2 and what it does It does the best of the two.
Your also right about having the Bose L-1's on the side but many of the venues are very limited in space and I just set it up like that out of habit. I will have to take a picture of it when I have the space again. Some times I like leaving the sides open so that people can come up and make requests. When every thing is in front they have to go around the side instead of leaning over which some have done.

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