I've been holding off on posting this just to make sure I didn't have any longstanding problems with one of our L1's.
Back in May we did an outdoor wedding and before the last set grabbed one last adult beverage and set it down on a stack of two B1's to my stage right. This L1/2 B1 combo was playing half of the stereo mix of the break music CD and I must have had it cranking as somehow the adult beverage walked it's way off the B1's and spilled mostly on the stage but a significant amount went on the powerstand and control area. My concern was "I don't have time to get another one before we start playing." After we did a few tunes, I became more concerned as the sound start cutting in an out. I thought at first that maybe something splashed into one of the cable connectors but swapping cables didn't make a difference. I finally shut it off to be more safe than sorry and moved the line in cable (This was the submix of the horns and background vocals) into another available L1 and finished the night. Nobody in the crowd even noticed other than my wife (our manager) as she was wondering what I was doing crawling around in the bushes during the set. I wiped the soiled unit down and when I got home took it out of the case and did one more wipe down. I let it dry out until the next day and fired it up to assess and damage. Amazingly no problem! I played CD's through the unit in all channels all afternoon while working in the yard. It's been about two months and to this day, no problems. The only thing I can figure is some moisture got into one of the preset counters, a control know or one of the input jacks as it acted like the unit does one you switch presets while someone is playing through the system. Once it was dry it was fine.
We have been using these L1's for over two years now doing 70-80 gigs/year so they have been through their paces. I don't think there is any question about reliability. Like I said, "Don't try this at home." (and hopefully not at a gig either!)
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Thanks for sharing and I'm glad things worked out okay.

The best way to deal with a beverage accident is to

a) Please, shut the system of immediately (liquid in the PS1 is a potential safety hazard)
b) If you have the opportunity poor clear water after the beverage (to rinse out sticky stuff)
c) wiggle a little to make sure all the water comes out of the drain holes in the bottom.
d) Let the system dry out throroughly for at least one day, several days are better

Hope that helps


In most cases that should
Hi - I just logged in here because beer got spilled on my Bose powerstand tonight and I was concerned that I might not be able to use it right away, and I need it all day tomorrow.
Other than wiping down, did you clean yours in any way? Is it still working fine?

Greg Wyard
Hi Greg Wyard

Too bad about the beer. Ugh. I hate it when that happens.

If you are certain that no beer actually got inside the PS1 Powerstand then you are probably fine. If you suspect that some got inside, then follow the suggestions from Hilmar-at-Bose in the post immediately before yours.

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