Hi Everyone. It's Ken-at-Bose here. I've had some wonderful correspondence recently with Steve Miller (no introduction necessary). He has graciously allowed me to post excerpts here, knowing that this community really appreciated his comments from about a year ago.

In my opinion, this fellow is a real gentleman.


Hi Ken,

I’ve been having a lot of fun with my towers (I can never remember the correct name) and have been using a pod and a tower in my studio for quite a while now. One way I use it is for overdubbing with my computer, instead of using ear phones which I am so sick of after all these years is, I’ll play a rhythm track back over my studio monitors, play guitar through a Pod into the tower, and run a direct line from the pod to the computer, that way I can get a pleasing electric guitar sound at a low level from the tower and still be recording direct to the hard drive. I’ve also used the pod and a tower as an amp as well. It works for me.

I'm in San Diego right now and heading into music camp next week and will be back home June 8th. In July I'm trying to rent four systems to add to my two, for the July 17 day music camp. This is a great place to experiment with the gear, about twenty different stages, 500 musicians covering every kind of music. Last year I directed about ten different shows in different venues using two towers, and of course broke all the rules, the last show using the towers was a show with comedians, a country band, a string quartet, a concert pianist playing a Steinway 9 foot grand, a jazz group, a soul band with horns and an electric Blues band. The lack of sound pressure, the clarity of tone and the ease of use was great. We played one electric show in a very bad sounding room, all glass and cement, and were amazed at the difference in clarity but we didn't have pods or enough towers so the system clipped every now and then but it was a good start.

The acoustic guys love it because it’s so quick and easy to get a great sound the electric guys are hard to convince until we really get enough systems set up properly for each musician and enough time to get everyone comfortable. I'm not surprised at the resistance from people who have spent years playing too loudly.

I think and electric bass sounds better through a tower than any amp I've ever heard!

I would love to hear and see an electric band use the systems to learn how it’s done correctly, we had one brief try with six towers, but it was right before a live show, the confidence factor was low and the stress factor high and we didn't really get it right. Most musicians used to doing large scale shows are so use to high sound pressure that when its missing it freaks them out. My band plays at very low stage volumes and has a mature approach to what we are doing but it would help to see it done correctly.

You may use my comments in your email and I appreciate you being careful about it. I don't usually endorse products, I like to pay for my own equipment and have an honest relationship with everyone I work with. I honestly love the beautiful way these towers reproduce sound and don't have a problem saying so.

- Steve Miller, May 2005 -
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