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I'd like to report on an especially exciting day I spent in Maine yesterday (a-yup!) with Ned Steinberger, a few exclellent local players and 5 of Ned's new babies: Double Bass, Bass Cello, Cello, Viola and Violin. I won't go into the technical details, but these are basically solid-body electric guitar-like instruments that emulate the sound and feel of the classic acoustic instruments they are named for. The purpose of my visit was to help marry Ned's beautiful-sounding creations with our Personalized Amplification System (TM) by means of presets specially created for these instruments. We created "authentic" presets as well as "pop" presets, the latter creating bigger-than-life sound from the instruments, for use in jazz, rock and roll and generally cutting throught any mix for a solo. Basically, we have liftoff. Stay tuned for details on how these will be made available. They will probably go into preset slots 90-99, as a custom-burned upgrade to systems for NS customers. This is all to be determined, but we had the monster sound yesterday. here's Ned and his colleague David during the session. Our system is unseen to the right and "other" items are seen sitting mutely in amazement on the back line.


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I'm blind and new to my system as well as this forum so excuse the post in the wrong place but... I'm trying to figure out the presets. I have the list but can't figure out what they mean in terms of the four push buttons. Can anybody explain to me, how, if you were in the dark, you would set a preset to a particular number? There's gotta be a way but the manual doesn't explain how the presets work, just that they do, unless I missed it. Feel free to reply to my email as well as to the forum because frankly, all these "onmouseover" links have me really messed up. The speech on my computer doesn't like them.

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