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I have a drummer bringing a Yamaha DTX532K electronic drum kit with a DTX502 module into the band.  From the T1 preset list, I'm wondering if the "Percussion - General Overhead" would be a good place to start or if I should head to "DJ/Playback - Flat zEQ or High Volume Music" setting?  Thanks for your help on this.  ...Wes

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I use a Roland HandSonic HPD-20 in live performances and I go direct into the analog input on the base of the L1 Model II.  The sound of the HandSonic requires no adjustment or preset and it sounds amazing. In this way you can save the ToneMatch channels for mics and/or instruments that will benefit from their own Presets. 

Hope this helps - works for me.  

Diamond Jim, 

Excellent input (pun a bit intended).  I've done this with the bass guitar before to save on T1 channels with my other group so I understand the logic and use of the direct input.  I can't believe I didn't think of it sooner.  For this application I'm going to stay with the T1 input so as to maintain easy control of his volume rather than having to make adjustments at the base of the Model II.  Bass worked fine in there since I had a volume knob within easy access on my axe.  Again, great idea and thanks for the reminder.


Right you are... go with what works for you.  Since I am in control of the ToneMatch and I am playing the HandSonic, I can easily control the volume direct from the HandSonic volume knob.  For me this is best as sometimes I need to increase volume on low sounds like bell chimes.  I am in control of the mix and would probably do exactly like you, if the drummer was another player, to control the mix/blend.      

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