Hi Richard or should I say the Bose advertising dept for new Zealand? Smile

You are right in saying preset 58 exists and it sounds cracking.

More bass and, to my ears, more 'prescence' in the sound when compared to preset 00 as a benchmark.

I am not sure where it is generally available elsewhere but if you click on the attachment below you can access my copy of the file.

For full installation details refer to the product support section on the website but in essence all you have to do is make a CDR copy of the file and play it from a Cd player with a SPDIF digital output on a phono connector into the Data in connection on the PS1. The whole process takes around 18 secs.

Please guys, hold your horses for a moment. There are a couple of experimental versions of a potential #58 floating around but if every body starts downloading now, it'll generate a royal mess, since you can't really tell which version of 58 you are working with. Please give us a little time to clean things up and get organized.

That's why I took the liberty of removing Andy's attachment.

Sorry about that

preset #57 was originally designed for playback of recorded music at low to medium levels and it's based on a the corresponding interpretation of the so-callled "equal loudness curves" or Fletcher Munson curves.
(e.g. http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/sound/eqloud.html)

The curves describe the change of spectral perception with over loudness and the idea was to get the same spectral balance at all levels.

The other variation concerns the typical construction methods. Europe and Northamerica have significantly different building methods (brick walls vs. framing & drywall) so the average "room acoustic" is somewhat different. The idea behind our new release to get a few combinations for different levels and room acoustics.

Sorry, no release date yet. It will take a while to pull all this data together and test it thoroughly.

Hope that helps

Colleagues : Although there's no clue as to "Who Let The Dogs Out" publicly on this experimental preset puppy, there is a limited controlled beta test underway. Please hang in there a while longer.

As a Beta Test 1.0 BOSE field coordinator, there are considerations to take into account that don't meet the traditional eye.

Richard, your play on words is spot on.
Originally posted by Cap Capello:
Richard, your play on words is spot on.

I'm not one to talk of course. If you look carefully at the picture below, you'll see a strip of blue identifying tape that tells me that this is my left L1 system. Thank you Cap for teaching me a whole new level of pedantic behaviour. My wife thinks I'm mad. I prefer the term 'precise' personally. Big Grin

Originally posted by Cap Capello:
Although there's no clue as to "Who Let The Dogs Out" publicly on this experimental preset

Really? Because a number of us first learnt of this via a UK based DJ forum. One of the members was given the preset by a BOSE rep there in the UK. Need me to find the thread? Big Grin
Nick : Thanks for the search offer however US arrangements are under totally different operating directions.

Nick having made mention of that off-shore post, the more adventurous types are urged not to download (or install) the unofficial, unproven, and potentially rogue file. The Beta Test is "very experimental".
Hi all. I had to delete a couple confusing messages by some Bose folks here....

We've been doing some experimentation in the field with different presets for DJs. Currently a set of presets for DJs is NOT available.

NONE of these test presets are ready for distribution, ALL of the test presets are very much in controlled test situations.

Testing should be done on these shortly and at that time we will have them available free of charge and via download from this site. Once they are ready, there will be a release here.

Please disregard any of this "preset 58" complicated test nonsense until everything is ready.

Brian : Should any new presets become available, I'm sure the notice will be posted on the BOSE web site and here. As your personal Ad Rep, you'll also hear it from me (and the "how to" as well.) Triple coverage.

There's no telling what upgrade procedure may be employed albiet hopefully easier than the last one that took us old timers with Preset Ver 1 to Preset Ver 2.

If you have the blue collar around the powerstand's B1 output, you are up to date.

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