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Hi Guys

Can anybody tell me if there is any benefit from connecting my iPad running my backing tracks direct to the input on my L1 M2 power stand?

At the moment I am using a splitter cable which goes from a stereo mini jack to two mono jacks into channel 4/5 of my T1 but I have found that some tracks seem to lose impact and audio appears missing, probably due to the stereo to mono conversion.

One of the tracks is an Everly song where the harmony is present in mono but once amplified through the T1 the harmony appears so weak it is barely audible yet when I play it on my MAC it sounds so much fuller.

I was wondering if a cable straight to the power unit would sort the problem and if so would I need a stereo to stereo or a stereo to mono lead?

I know the backing track subject has been covered numerous times but it is something which seems to need quite a bit of manipulation to get right so I am hoping someone could give me an idea of the best way to go in order to get the full detail of each track.

Many thanks




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I'd check my cable first and make sure that tip and ground and ring and ground go to the correct ground/tip on the mono 1/4" plugs.

In other words, that the 1/8" stereo to two 1/4" mono plugs splitter cable is working right and delivering signals to both channels 4/5 in the T1.

You could do that by plugging in one of those 1/4" mono plugs into one of the OTHER channels on the T1 (1, 2 or 3) and then the other 1/4" plug and see if the levels are approximately the same (and that one of them contains the harmonies).

It sounds to me like one of the channels isn't getting to the T1.

OR - summing the left and right isn't enough to get a good mix.  That's often the case on idiosyncratic stereo mixes from the olden days (The Beatles' George Martin did that too) with all of the vocals on one side, etc.

tomdavisdotcom posted:

just put your iPad audio settings to mono.. then L and R output the same moneo signal.... then you need only use one input

That won't work. Setting the iPad to mono will send one side of the stereo spectrum to both sides. Likely it's the left side in both outputs. You're still missing hand off the stereo spectrum.

Hi Geoff,

Geoff posted:

Thanks guys

I have been using the iPad in mono so do I need to set the output back to stereo?

If you have the iPad set to mono, and you are using a cable like this:

you need only connect one (e.g., the white one) of the 1/4 inch connectors to the T1 input 4 or 5. Put some tape over the unused connector.  You can also connect this to the L1 Model II Power Stand Analog Input.

However, some tracks don't mix down from stereo to mono very well. 

You can try setting the iPad back to stereo, and then you will have to use both T1 inputs - 4 and 5.



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Using the above cable I'd set the ipad to stereo and let the Bose T1 do the summing...

I have a T1 and T4S and switch the ipad to the appropriate output depending on which T unit I'm using.

T1 - Mono

T4S - Stereo

The resultant sound is great and you can use the one cable for all occasions.

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