Can I ask how you are plugged in to the L1’s?

I think I see a QSC mixer in the back. Are you running all channels to both or are you splitting and sending some instruments to left one and some to the right? Thanks! 

Also, how does the ear trumpet labs mic work out being in front of the L1 units? Feedback not an issue?


We're using a Behringer XR18 to mix the band, sending L and R to the L1's. Haven't experimented with panning yet. On the to do list.

The ETL Myrtle microphone has worked well with the L1's. We do need to be careful with the input gain. Will also be working with some feedback EQ just in case.

In this setup you can also see a couple of instrument amps being used primarily as monitors. They are setup to DI to the XR18. Definitely a bit of overkill for this venue.

So you are sending the main outs to both the L1 units? Just like you would with regular mains where all instruments go through both speakers...Bose always suggested sending sources to only one unit, so I’m curious how this sounded for you or if you experienced any sound/frequency cancellation. Thanks for the reply!

Wanted to reach back out to points east to see how everything is working out and if you have discovered anything new...especially with regard to the ETL mic.

Are you still running everything to Both L1s instead of sending some instruments/vocals to one and the rest to the other?

Are you able to keep the ETL mic out in front of the L1s without feedback issues?

Is the ETL mic also being sent to both L1s by keeping a center pan or do you just send it to 1?


Sorry for all of the questions. My band uses this same setup and I just acquired an ETL Delphina and any info with how it works with the Bose L1 would be appreciated.

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