I just picked up a Taylor T5 with a maple top and L-O-V-E it. Best neck I've ever had my hands on and a great pallate of electric tones. I get a good acoustic sound through the PAS on the Taylor dreadnought preset but I'm ready to a/b into an amp modeler for electric sounds. I'm not into a bunch of effects, I just want a close match to a real guitar amp. Can anyone offer up from personal experience which of these three units might be the best choice? I had a Line 6 Flextone II XL for a few years that I thought was ok but I don't miss it much. The Digitech unit sounds intriguing but the casing looks a little cheap to me. Meanwhile, I like the sound samples of the Vox Tonelab SE but it's $150 more than the other two. I appreciate any thoughts or suggestions.
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Hey Jeff,

Congrats on the T5 ... sweeet. I have not done a direct comparison of the three but I am very happy with my XT Live. I use it direct and sometimes in front of a tube amp as a pedal board. It's a great sounding, versitile unit.

There *are* guys on this forum that have done the comparison you're looking for so you should get some additional info soon.

Have a great weekend with the new T5.

Thanks Steve...I feel like the XT Live is the "safe choice" of the three. The Digitech unit is newer and there doesn't seem to be as much information out there about it.

The T5 sounds so good through my Fender Twin it brings tears to my eyes, but no way am I lugging that 65 pound bear anywhere!
The XT Live has gotten some rave reviews around here.

We gigged with the Vox Tonelab SE for about 2 years. I thought it sounded amazing with Jim's Carvin Guitar.

He bought a T5 a little less than a year ago, and was never really able to get a good tube amp sound with the Tonelab. He'd switch guitars for those songs. But the acoustic stuff was heavenly with the T5.

One major drawback to the Vox Tonelab was the inablility to access patches quickly. It would have been better if it had a hand controller for acessing mixes.

Since you like T5 with the Twin, go for the XT Live. I'm gonna recommend it for our new guitarist.

BTW, the guitarist I spoke of just left us and moved to South Carolina (with his L1 system). I believe he's in Greenville. So you guys are practically neighbors! Cool

Hey Jeff, thanks for that info on the Vox unit. Greenville's about 3 1/2 hours from here but still in the same state.

(This might belong in a seperate thread but..) I noticed you're playing a Roland VX 88 through the PAS and I was curious if you were using a preset or just plugging straight in. I play an Alesis QS88 in my jazz band and have always plugged straight in, with no eq. Occasionally on some acoustic piano settings I find that the area from the G below middle C up to C2 disappears a little. Wondering it that's a common occurence. I have an alternate setting when that problem happens but it still bugs me at times.
I run it in flat with no EQ, but I run it in channel 1 because I've found it just sounds better than in 3 or 4. And sometimes I'll tweak the remote a little depending on the room.

I used to own a Qs8, I really liked it. It had superior Organ patches to the Roland. But the acoustic piano patches are a lot better on the Roland.

I didn't have the L1 system when I owned the Alesis, so I'm not sure about the volume loss in the lower register. It doesn't happen with the XV88.

You play jazz keys and guitar both? Wow! Eek
Are you using the T5 in a full band situation, or a solo act?
We're in agreement on the acoustic piano patches being better on the Roland. I use the Alesis jazz piano QCard exclusively for those sounds on the QS88. I may trying running directly into channel 1 on the PAS to check the difference.

I do play jazz keys as well guitar...although the level of my playing is certainly questionable in either case Wink. I'll be using the T5 in both an acoustic solo and duo setting. In truth, I'm more of a singer/songwriter than an instrumentalist but (like most of us on here) I do enjoy talking shop, tone, and G.A.S.

Also thanks for the info on the Vox tonelab...I think I'm narrowing down to the XT Live and the GNX 3000.

Here's my jazz band's website if anyone is bored: www.vintagevelvetband.com
I am a T5 player with a Spruce top and KOA. I have tried just about every pedal out there and I happen to prefer the DigiTech GNX4 in general but the amp sounds for electric on the GNX3000 are exceptional. It is truly a personal preference but the XT Live just did not do it for me. I run the electric side of my T5 out to the GNX3000, (mostly on the Boogie MkII setting, but I think most of the amps sound really sweet), then I run the acoustic side into the GNX4 which has better fidelity and use the amp/cab bypass but add effects. I also have added LR Baggs Element Active pickups to the T5s and at least to my ears, I like the sound better for acoustic tones. You don't need to do that though, the T5 has solid enough acoustic tones to run direct to the PAS (810 preset. So my vote goes to the GNX3000 for electric tones. Just try them out and A/B them. There are lots of posts on here for preamps/effects pedals that should be helpful.
Thanks David, that was a very informative reply. I'm really starting to lean towards Digitech. I would love to have a Taylor K4 for the acoustic half of the guitar but I'm having a hard time justifying dropping $700 on it. I think that 810 preset on the PAS sounds good enough to leave it alone. By the way, which A/B pedal are you using?
One option to the K4 which is way too overpriced for a preamp/EQ is the D-TAR Solstice which is a stereo preamp/EQ. I demo'd both of them side by side. If they had both been the same price, I would still have selected the Solstice. Look on their website for info. They are loaded with features and half the price. They also make a single channel called the Equinox.
Have fun. I love my T5s through the BOSE. I am playing tonight and look forward to trying a few new things in the signal chain.
Best wishes,
I'm interested in learning a little more about the gnx 4. Do you use the Jamman features? I presently have the Yamaha magicstomp acoustic and the Jamman Looping pedal. It'd be nice to combine into one. How many levels of undo are there with the GNX 4 Jamman?

I also have a T5 Koa. I want a fatter acoustic sound and am still experimenting.
I agree wholeheartedly with davidc... after a very successful year of using the PODxt Live... played the GNX3000 in comparison one day, and have not been able to use the Line 6 on a live gig ever since (though I still use it in the studio...)

The amps sounds on the GNX3000 are just bigger, fuller and more alive ...

I also think there's a extremely slight latency difference between the two products... the GNX3000 having the more immediate attack of the two...

Now having stated this, I would also point out the fact... that a lot of players might actually enjoy a slight latency as part of their individual self-expression and thus prefer the PODxt Live...
Well, I really like my GNX4, and I'm finding that the Digitech line is pretty cool all the way down to the RP50, which I spent some time tweaking last week, and sounds excellent. The drum machine (GNX4) sounds good, as well, and having a built-in 8-track sequencer really allows for using drums and loops extensively. I haven't used the looping capability enough to comment on, but it is easy and fast.
hi every1 it seems a few of u know and own a digitech gnx. I would really appareciate if you guys could help me out. You see i am certain i will either get a gnx 4 or 3000 but i am not sure which 1 will offer me better quality, more stuff and which will be better in the long run. Any advice you may have would be greatly appreciated~ Smile
I can't comment on the GNX4 vs. GNX3000, because I went out and bought the GNX4 based on Ronjazz's recommendation without trying the GNX3000. I am very happy with the GNX4; it sounds GREAT with the L1 and there are more than enough patches on the Digitech Sound Community website to keep me busy learning new songs and riffs. I just downloaded ALL of them last night, and have only tried a dozen or so of the ones that don't come with the GNX4.

With the recorder function, looping and playing bass along with your guitar is easy; I have never had so much fun practicing! The GNX3000 may be great, but I can't imagine it being as much fun as the 4. Good luck with your decision.
If you do some research, you'll find that the consensus by most GNX owners,is that the amp models in the GNX3 are simply bigger sounding & more amp like in comparison to the GNX4.

However, the GNX4 is capable of lot more sound reproduction variables then the GNX3...

So other then going with more amp authenticity, as in the GNX3, many would rather have access to the many options the GNX4 provides...

But models are great in what they have to offer...
recommendation without trying the GNX3000. I am very happy with the GNX4; it sounds GREAT with the L1 and there are

I think the Bose with the GNX4 sounds outstanding, and I love mine!
Here's a problem I've encountered with Bose+GNX4 when I add a mixer into the mix.

I have a GNX4 and a Bose PAS with two subs. I usually play a Jeff Beck strat. I have a Mackey mixer Mackie CFX12.mkII. I would like to run the guitar to the GNX4 to the Mackey then into the Bose. That way I can use Bose Ch. 3 (which does not have a line out) for guitar and leave Ch 1 and 2 for the rest of the band to use during gigs.

I get pretty good sound and volume using the Mackey mixer and running my vocals and a clean guitar channel through it, then the vocal and guitar channel output into the Bose (vocal into ch 1 and guitar into ch. 3 ).

When I engaged a fuzz tone using my guitar effects processor GNX4, the sound from the guitar was very 'tin-like'. As if the speakers were covered with tin foil. One possibility is overmodulation I suppose. I guess to run the guitar in the configuration
guitar->Digitech GNX4->Mackey mixer -> Bose
I might have to use different fuzz settings to avoid that kind of weird/bad sound.

Has anyone else had this kind of experience running a guitar through effects, then mixer, then Bose and had weird-sounding guitar result?

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