Hi Folks,

I'm back from an amazing few days in St. Louis at the 2007 Midwest L1™ Enthusiasts conference.

BabyBlueEyes, Bob in St. Louis, John Nell, and others did an extraordinary job of organizing the event.

I'm sure there will be many other photos that will help fill in how the day unfolded. Here are a few of mine.



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Neil-at-Bose gets the Model II systems and the T1 ToneMatch™ audio engines set up.

There was high interest in the T1s. Most of the attendees had used the online flash tool for the T1 and had a good sense of how they worked. During the day we noticed the musicians easily learning how to use the devices.

For example, folks quickly got in the habit of muting channels when they left the stage. Others found the FX Mute feature useful when they wanted to say something between songs.
Andy used a Variax Acoustic to great effect, switching between different models for various songs. He's got a lovely, captivating baritone voice, and a very natural delivery. He had everybody in the palm of his hand within a few bars of the first tune.

Not unlike his buddy, and other pioneering member of this community, oldghm.
Chris-at-Bose gave a great talk on bass in rooms. We all learned so much about how bass behaves, what we can and can not do about it.

I'm hoping to tape this professionally next time and make the talk available as a video on the message board.

Here, Chris demonstates a "room mode" using an extension cord.
Rick, the lead vocalist and guitarist for the cubs was a fantastic musician, and quickly became a personal favorite of mine.

Rick used the microphone superbly, "eating" it when he wanted to be at his loudest and backing off to control volume. He gave a clinic in microphone technique.

He sang and played almost entirely with his eyes closed.
Nathan brings a lot of firepower to the already powerful cubs. To have two great singers in a band is a rare and wonderful thing.

When Nathan and Rick sang together it was heavenly, made even more so when Pete (drumr) and John (bass) added additional harmony parts.
Just one more of this exceptional combo.

Look at the face of Rick. THAT IS THE REAL DEAL, MY FRIENDS. The transcendental experience of live music.

The Cubs are trying to recruit Nathan permanently.

I think they have a good chance. They really bring so much to the table as a quartet.
Of course we ended the conference with a full-on jam session.

I had a smile so big on my face, for so long, that my cheeks were hurting.

I'm sure I'll have more to say about the conference in the coming days, and look forward to reading everyone else's rememberences.

With best regards,


Thanks for photos and all the kind words. We are blessed to have people on this earth with your level of understanding of the needs and the soul of the musician. As Rick said in another thread, without your L1 I doubt we'd be playing amplified music today.
Originally posted by Ken-at-Bose:
I'm hoping to tape this professionally next time and make the talk available as a video on the message board.

I did get the whole presentation (save the last minute or so when we were wrapping up), but have not reveiwed the video, yet, to see if it is "post-worthy".

Ken, those are fantastic, clear pictures! Nice.

And, hey, it appears you now average 1000 posts per conference!
Ken -

Thanks for the pics!!! They are wonderful!

I just returned from vacation, so I am trying to gather my thoughts about the conference and will post them later.

I enjoyed meeting you, Chris and Neil in St. Louis and I'm already looking forward to the next L1 Product family conference!


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