Pics of L1M2 outdoors

I recently used my Model II w/2 B1's for outdoor background music at a church BBQ. Thought I'd give some reference pics. These are on my cellphone, which is slightly wide-angle, so I seem farther away than I am, but I'll give you distance estimates...

Pic 1: About 30 yards or so away. Sound was completely clear, loud, fairly full fidelity. iPod at 75% into Tonematch, with channel vol about 11 o'clock, master 12 o'clock. T1 set for DJ Low Volume.

Pic 2: Basically double the distance, plus a bit. Slightly less full range fidelity, but bass was clear and discernable, vocals clear and discernable. Not quite as punchy as 10' away, but quite listenable and clear, not faint at all.

At the longer distance it was much more than just music in the background, you could make out the song clearly, including bass notes. This is an amazing system. And it wasn't even cranked up!

PS: I should probably indicate the location of the Bose, since you can't see it in the pic. It was about 1' to the right of the brick column on the right end of the carport/overhang, just behind the shrubbery.
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