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Phoenix, AZ: T1 ToneMatch Clinic

You are invited to the free hands-on clinic featuring the Bose T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine at The Listening Room Phoenix on Monday November 28, 2016 at 7 PM. Please come by and say hello! 

Details here: 

Monday, November 28 at 7 PM - 9 PM MST
The Listening Room Phoenix
4614 N 7th Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85006

Here is your chance to learn from the experts. Whether you own a Bose L1 system, plan on performing at The Listening Room Phoenix or desire some great knowledge, this free clinic is for you.

The Bose T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine is a user friendly and powerful sound system mixer designed with the musician in mind – no need to study audio engineering to find and deliver your tone. Its ease of use makes it almost plug-and-play, yet a host of advanced features beneath the surface allowing fine-tuned audio sculpting and processing.

Attend this Bose T1 Sound Clinic for hand’s-on “Deep-Dive” instruction, led by a certified Bose sound professional.


Mark Chipeur
Territory Manager: Bose Live Music Team
USA West

Edit: Details added

Original Post

Hi Mark,

when I read things like this I do feel a slight attack of envy for all those who live on your side of the big pond. Living in Germany I sometimes feel a bit "cut off" from all the really interesting Bose things (especially the legendary meets).

Take care,


Hey Tony, 

I wish there were more opportunities to meet my Bose friends. I have been fortunate to have attended a couple of the larger events you mentioned and I met some very wonderful people. 

For what it is worth I enjoy reading your insightful posts and hope the will be an opportunity to meet you someday. 

... Mark 

Mark-at-Bose posted:

Hey Tony, 

I wish there were more opportunities to meet my Bose friends. I have been fortunate to have attended a couple of the larger events you mentioned and I met some very wonderful people. 

For what it is worth I enjoy reading your insightful posts and hope the will be an opportunity to meet you someday. 

... Mark 

Regarding having been able to attend some of the larger events. That's what I meant when I answered your post.

As far as the second paragraph goes it's worth a lot, thank you. Maybe the chance will arrive at some date, who knows. Until then I'll/we'll have to make do with the forum for which I am very grateful. 

Should you ever get an invite to Kemper in Germany (don't you provide them with L1's for Namm etc.?), they're based in Recklinghausen/Germany which is one of the neighboring towns to Gelsenkirchen where I live and really just around the corner. Now that would be something

Take care Mark, and warm greetings from frosty Gelsenkirchen,



I basically went through the functions step by step. Here are the bullet points:

ToneMatch Presets

Equalization Curves optimized for dozens of microphones and instruments available on each channel. ToneMatch Partner presets are available via free download.

This feature, available only from Bose, makes it easy to get studio quality sound from your mic or instrument, whether you are a seasoned audio engineer or a complete novice.

Bose zEQ

zEQ automatically adjusts the frequency range of tone controls to match your voice or instrument, making it easier to fine tune your sound.

Parametric EQ

Per channel Parametric EQ allows very specific “fine-tuning” to overcome feedback issues or personalize and enhance the tone of each channel.


Mic/line inputs (1 – 3) combination analog connectors accepting balanced XLR or unbalanced ¼" TRS audio cables.

Line inputs (4/5, L/R) for analog stereo connections to keyboards, mixers and computers. Inputs accept balanced ¼" TRS cable. Edit control affects both channels.

Trim controls and signal/clip LEDs (1 – 4/5) adjusting levels of input signals. Green/yellow/red LEDs show signal status and help you set gain levels properly.

Preamp outputs (1 – 3) connecting channels' dry output signals to recording gear or other amplifiers via balanced ¼" TRS cable.

Aux output used with aux mode to create independent sub-mix of channels 1 – 4/5 to route to other amplifiers or recording gear.

Master analog output for connecting to additional L1 systems, amplifiers or recording gear via balanced ¼" TRS cable. Select from pre- or post-master volume settings.

ToneMatch port connects digital output of engine to L1 Model 1S or Model II power stand via included ToneMatch digital cable.

USB port update ToneMatch audio engine and back up scenes via USB connection to your computer. USB port is also a bidirectional audio interface for playback and recording (24 Bit/48 kHz).

Single-band Para EQ to adjust a frequency you specify for each independent channel. Valuable tool for reshaping problematic frequencies in certain venues or on resonant frequencies for mics and instruments.

Five reverb types (small, medium, large, plate and cavern) available for global assignment, with individual channel controls for decay time, mix level and brightness.

Three delay types (analog, digital and tape) can be independently assigned to selected channels, with control over feedback time and mix level for each channel. For example, you can select tape delay for your vocal on channel 1 and analog delay for your guitar on channel 2.

Ten modulation effects (three chorus types, two flange types, four phaser types and one vintage tremolo effect) can be independently assigned to selected channels, with control over designated parameters for each channel.

Seven dynamics processing types (one of three compressors, a limiter, a de-esser, a “kick gate” or a noise gate) can be assigned to independent channels. Each has adjustable parameters

Scenes to store, recall and edit "snapshots" of all key ToneMatch audio engine settings at any given time. This feature helps simplify setup when you're using an L1 system repeatedly in different venues. The engine includes five predefined Bose scenes, ten My Scenes and five Shared Scenes you can give to other L1 owners.

Chromatic tuner convenient tuning of instruments.

Large backlit display intuitive layout and easy-to-read text for modes and settings.

Rotary encoder offers quick access to modes, effects and parameters, including ToneMatch presets, zEQ, Para EQ, reverbs, delays, modulators, dynamics processing, scenes and tuner. Features clean, circular layout.

Aux mode (channels 1 – 3) channels' dry, pre-fader or post-fader audio to aux output for connection to additional L1 systems or recording devices. Independent level controls for optimal signal output.

Channel volume, mute and FX mute (1 – 4/5) adjusting individual channel volume, muting individual channels and muting all effects on selected channels.

Master volume overall level of master output.

Phantom power +48V power to input channels 1 – 3 to drive live performance condenser microphones.

ToneMatch cable sends audio signals to the L1 Power Stand and provides power to ToneMatch audio engine from the L1 Power Stand. Use the optional T1 power supply to power T1 for connection to L1 Compact or other systems.

Mounting bar and carriage attaches T1 to L1 Model 1S or Model II loudspeaker.

Cover and carrying case protects T1 when storing and transporting.

Hi Mark,

Well that certainly sounds like it was a pretty intensive clinic. Shame there was no video made, but one can't have everything.

I take it you're in the last few hectic days before a well earned Christmas break? If so, just make sure you get through it "in one piece" and then enjoy the festivities.


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