Performers and their Bose systems

Starting something new: Let's celebrate and recognize our members through their pictures.

This thread is for pictures of members with their systems; no empty stages or gear only pictures please.

Have fun.


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That's my group (The Windbags) in the "S1's Save the Day" pic. This is a picture of us with our L1B2 rig (back right corner). Again, I am the old dude on the right. I have also included a pic of my nephew (Axel) with the Compact that my wife and I gave him for Christmas. We are all Bosed up!FB_IMG_153358032861720180921_200821


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I don't have any current pictures of Ariko using the Bose system with everyone on stage but I wanted to be in on this . I'm submitting this picture  of the K.O.S band taken at the jazz festival in Orillia Ont. Canada  on

1Oct, 22, 2006



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