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Hi, everyone. I was watching The Late Show tonight and noticed that Paul Shaffer appears to have a PAS on stage with him. Interestingly, he's only using the bottom half of the L1 tower. I'm guessing the producers, cameramen, etc. thought the entire tower would be too visible, and Paul's probably only using it as a monitor so half a tower probably works pretty well.


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We talked with the Letterman show folks and mentioned that splitting the L1 this way will not deliver the full benefits of the speaker (note: the B1 is at his feet) and they said "that's okay, he'll never be far away from it." Paul's really using the speakers as a typical monitor speaker. I think the rest of the band is still playing to wedges.

They wanted a high-quality monitor for a very cramped space and the L1 can do that too.
From a technical standpoint it is safe to operate the system wiht only the lower L1, however th spatial and spectral performance of will be greatly reduced, so this has only a very limited application.

Paul Schaffer uses the L1 only as a near field monitor and the placement ensures that his ears are always in the "firing range" of the L1 segment. In this application and with some additional EQing a single L1 segment can work well, but that's usually an exception.
Watching the show last night I caught a couple of angles that actually showed Paul has both sticks there. Look closely and you'll see the bottom stick standing next to the upper on his right.

Interesting? Running side-by-side sections. I gotta get some of those connectors!
Glad I did a search on David Letterman, I noticed the L1 on the side of Paul, a few minutes ago. Thank goodness for the DVR, I asked my wife rewind,no wait forward,wait hold up, ... pause, Smile

Then I came to the forum for confirmation, it's great to be playing with the same quality sound as professional's.

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