Owners Voluntary Assistance Program

Here's the short version: The description of this part of the forum says that we can use it for L1™ owners to contact other L1™ owners for various reasons. This Owners Voluntary Assistance program works like this:

Owner In Need
An owner needs to borrow or rent an L1™ so s/he posts a Needed message here. (See recommended structure in the How it Works section below).

Other owner volunteers with email Notifications turned on (for this section) will receive an email and will recognize the structure. If the volunteer is in a position help then s/he can contact the Owner in Need with a Private Message. As a volunteer, you are completely anonymous up to the point that you respond directly to an Owner in Need.

..:: How it Works ::..

If you are willing to be notified when another owner is in need:
  1. On the red menu click Notify.
  2. Click the checkbox Immediate Notification by Email.

Owners in Need
If you are an owner needing help from another owner to borrow or rent gear,
  1. Start a New
  2. Discussion
  3. for the Subject put Needed | # of Systems Needed | Location Needed | Date Needed
  4. in the Message Add more details that you think another L1™ owner would want to know.
  5. Click the Notifications Flag at the bottom left, and check Immediate Notification by Email
  6. Periodically check your Private Messages or turn on email notifications for those too.

How it works:
With Immediate Notifications by Email turned on, you will get an email whenever someone posts here. You just have to keep an eye out for Needed posts.
  • You will get an email.
  • You will see the Subject and the details of the Message.
  • There will be link in the email that will bring you back to the forum.
  • You can post either a public or private message to the person who needs help.

If you get a notification and want to help, you can:
  • Follow the link in the email - back to this thread.
  • (optional) Post a brief reply (this will trigger an email to the other owner).
  • Click on the Owner in Need's name in the margin at the left.
  • On the menu - choose Invite him/her to a Private Topic.
  • At that point - the two parties should be talking and you can work out the details.

And you can thank Oldghm for the inspiration:
Original Post
I've added myself as I have two L1 Model II systems for this very reason of not wanting to be stuck if one dies - I tend to use both at gigs now anyway - but I know I can get away with one if I need to (I only had one system for 3 years anyway). If you are in need in the UK and within 50 miles of Milton Keynes I may be able to assist.

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