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i have a Roland v-drum kit TD30 and it's located in a room inside the's just for personal a L1 compact enough? Or do I need a bigger system. Maybe I'll play with a friend and a guitar but that's it.....just family audience at the house? L1 compact is good enough?


regards and thanks

Original Post

Hi Gatodrums! Thanks for the question. Which system is right for you is entirely dependent on budget and "how loud do you need to get". The L1 Compact may not be enough if you are doing rock music. We make the new F1 Model 812 for 1199.00 USD that has 1000 watts of power. I would take a look at that product, it will be flexible enough to play at lower volumes, and be able to get loud when you need it to.

F1 System:

Thank you and have a great day!



Thanks Eric!! This product sounds great. I do play rock music (Van Halen, Journey, Boston, Nirvana, AC/DC stuff) main concern is that my e-drums are in a small room of the house (approximately 300 square feet) and I use them with the headphones, however, sometimes the wife is out and I can hit it with a speaker, therefore, I want a nice bass/kick sound but without the need of having a neighbor complaining about it. I thought about the compact because of the size as well. With that in mind (Particularly the size of the room), do you think the F1 still the best choice or the L1 compact will be enough? Regards and thanks again for your support. I rewrite this reply cause i didnt see the posting...sorry if you got it twice.

Thanks Eric!! This product sounds great and I do play rock music (Van Halen, Boston, Journey, Nirvana, AC/DC stuff). My only concern is that I play in a small room at the house with my headphones...but some times..the wife is out and I can hit it with a speaker....the room is about 300 square feet, therefore...I want the kick/bass to be great but also no need to have a neighbor complaining about it. That´s why I though about the compact and for its size as well.....Do you think that the F1 still a better choice!. Looking forward on your recommendation. Regards

Hi Gatodrums,

The Compact will perform well in a small room.  The Compact is very natural sounding and has a very small footprint.

I do agree with Eric though that the F1 812 should be considered.  The main reason is it's flexibility.  Though the footprint isn't that much bigger, it does have more power should you ever need it.  Drums can demand a lot of power from the amp (relatively speaking), so more headroom is always a good thing.

At low volumes, it'll work great too.






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