I just purchased a T4S from Sweetwater Sound to use with a L1 M2 and B2.  I wanted to use Aux Out 1 and 2 to send signal to a Zoom H6 mixer. When I tried to set up channel 1's level in Aux 1 Output nothing happened. I just happened to have Out 2 also plugged in to the Zoom and when I increased the signal to Aux 1 Output in the program, the cable from Out 2 had a signal. The reverse happened when I started to work with Aux 2 Output, the channel on the zoom coming from the Out labeled 1 had signal. I informed Sweetwater about the problem and they shipped me a new T4S. When it arrived, Lo and behold it had the same problem: The controls for Aux 1 Output controlled the TRS output marked "2" and vice-versa!

Everything else works fine and I can certainly use some board tape to note the wiring discrepancy but maybe one of the Bose Boys/Girls can explain?

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