Set up my Bose as usual just before an early gig tonight and except for the sub-woofer, there wasn't any sound coming out from the line array when plugging in the guitar directly (without the usual PODxt Live in front of it).

Whool! I was definitely started to freak... I surely didn't want to pull my van around again and have to get out the Roland Keyboard back-up amp.

The anguish I was going through just imagining having to use anything other then the Bose was excruciating.. to think that I might have to play the next run of back to back gigs (five of 'em to be exact) without my baby Bose...:-(

Trouble shooting all possibilities, nothing-nada was happening ... no beauteous guitar sound whatsoever!...

The one thing I did notice however, was that the pole was wobbling just a tiny bit. Whenever I would take it apart and put it back together again, there seemed to be the slightest, almost imperceptible of wobbles.

Finally, after taking it apart and putting it back together again for the third time I looked into the power bass fitting and saw one of my picks lying there. Sure 'nuff... the pick was blocking the connection. This thin little pick was just enough to prevent the Bose from making full contact.

So be forewarned guitarists ... stray picks can be a threat to your total Bose sound fulfillment.
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