All of a sudden I get no signal into channels 3 and 4/5. I've tried same input and channels 1 and 2 work fine, but nothing from 3 and 4/5. No input lighting up (and output, of course). I've updated firmware, checked all the settings, made sure mute is inactive, etc.

Hopefully this is an operator error. If not, could you advise how to proceed? I am out of warranty time wise, but have only used the  unit about 6 times. Very embarrassing at the community gig....

I live in the country of west Australia and would appreciate assistance. 

Thank you.

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Hi GaryB,

Hoping for operator error:

It's too easy to be in a hurry and to connect an input to the bottom row (Preamp OUTs) for Channels 1, 2, 3. You won't get any sound.  Channel 4/5 is somewhat fool-proof though. There's no Preamp Out for that channel.

Another thing to check is the the Channel Trim Controls.

If the Trim controls for channels 3, or 4/5 were all the way off, you wouldn't get any sound.

It the Trims for 1, 2, 3 were all the same, then moving an input from channel 2 to channel 3  - you should have seen activity on the trim light on channel 3. When you tried 3 and 4/5 did you see any activity on the trim lights?

If you're checking things today - select the Comp/Gate on the Rotary Selector and make sure that KickGate and Noise Gate are both bypassed.

Still hoping for operator error - did you have the Mute buttons lit for channels 3 or 4/5?

Oh - never mind - you said you checked these.

I think that's it for possible operator errors.

Any luck at your end?

If not, then it sounds like the T1 will have to be serviced. Here's how to reach Bose Support.


Unit 3/2 Holker Street
Newington NSW Australia

Bose Pty Limited
Tel: 61 2 8737 9999
Fax: 61 2 8737 9922



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I just got the bad news from the authorised Bose repairer: (after a month of waiting for a report). Seems it needs a replacement main board and a LCD Sienna, total cost $968! New one can be got for $720!

I've had the unit just under 3 years so it's out of warranty, even though I only used it 4 or 5 times (career went sideways for a while). Needless to say I'm pretty disenchanted with the situation. 

Probably will sell the L1 Model II and bass bin (and SKG case) and start again elsewhere.

Would prefer and really like it if Bose offered some consideration for small useage warranty compensation or something. 

Hi GaryB

You're having some heck of an experience and I can see that you have updated firmware.

As the rotary dial set up is quite complex, have you tried a full factory reset as I don't see it mentioned?

It may be worth downloading another firmware set loading that and then factory resetting again.

Hope you get it fixed....



Thanks Dave,
I'll give it a go when I pick it up from the repairer.

I'm a bit shocked about the outcome because this is exactly how the e-waste problem is exacerbated: not worth fixing so chuck it out to landfill and leave it for future generations to sort out. I would have thought that the precision design standards of Bose would be capable of ensuring their products did not contribute to this emerging and massive problem.

Fingers crossed.

Also sad because I do enjoy the Bose sound, and have had good experience in the past 3 decades.  :-(



Hi Gary

it is a shame when market leaders are only interested in innovation for the sake of sales. Very often a database of clients is built by collecting data from users registering their new kit for warranty.

Secondhand users sometime register for repair support.

I feel that switched on companies should monitor their databases and give small gratuities to long term LOYAL users to help replace, upgrade or repair the beloved kit.

This is born out by your ow disgruntled feeling about a repair costing more than an upgrade.

Every PA manufacturer needs good artists sounding their best in kit bearing the makers emblem. If you now choose to leave for another brand, ultimately the only winners will be the new brand. 

You most likely won’t even like the sound of the alternative kit for quite a while, until you’ve forgotten how good you sounded on Bose.

If there is no other help coming your way, I would seek out a second hand replacement of the defective unit - just to keep the sound I love. Changing my two systems - cutting off my nose to spite my face would leave me unhappy for too many years.

Mr Bose, please consider a loyalty scheme with registered users 😇

Thank you for the supportive suggestions. I've tried the factory resets but to no avail. 

As well as working to resolve the e-waste issue (how long do we have to wait?) If innovative companies like Bose can't get their heads around these issues what chance of less competent businesses?

I think Bose warranties should be set as a function of usage as well as time. My system is 3 years old (outside time warranty) but I would have used it less than 6 times, and then only channels 1 and 2. First time I try and use 4 channels I find the fault, but it falls outside the time frame. There's a good chance the fault was there well inside the warranty period but unrecognised.

Surely a major fault like a main board should be guaranteed for numbers of uses, rather than just time since it left the factory? 

Unless resolved it means the end of my involvement with (and support and admiration) for Bose products. 

Regards to all having a happier experience. Keep your fingers crossed!


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