Hi Folks,

Thanks to our colleagues in Europe (including Wiek-at-Bose-Europe in this community) we have a new video that covers where the L1 approach to live music amplification comes from, and why.

We hope you enjoy it.

The L1® Approach and the History Of Amplification Video

(Many thanks to ST for helping port this to the L1 Wiki.)

With best regards,


--== click the picture to see the video ==--

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Thanks Tom,

Gonna have a lot of time on my hands. The Dr. wont let me go back to work full time for 8 weeks. Maybe I'll actually learn some new music. I always enjoy the forum and the insights gained here. Quite a nice family this Bose crowd is.

The presentation made a lot of sense. Then again after at least 2 years with my L1 MII and many shows, I know first hand why it's the best.

Rick so glad to hear you back on the forum. Take care my friend. I had my 5 way bypass back in 1994. Although I weakly managed a song a few months later for my oldest daughters wedding back then, in 2009, the good Lord had me singing at my other daughters wedding in Cancun, plus a 15 year Anniversary song for the oldest with no problems.

God speed for a good recovery.
Well thanks for the invitation Ken to introduce a remarkable man that is truly a inspiration for me. Jaap Drupsteen not only made all the graphics for this movie but was a key factor in the whole process. His immense (more then 45 yrs) experience with making movies, pioneering with video effects, making video objects, or contemporary glass designs for buildings, SoundVideo sculptures etc. etc. etc. is a revelation. Moreover he’s always willing to share his knowledge…and… is a musician. Hah(!), he even behaves like a 20 yrs old person. Please look at his website and see what I’m bragging about. What’s there more to say exept for:
‘Thank you Maestro Jaap!.

Go for it! http://www.drupsteen.nl/
Thanks Ken and all.
After watching the wonderful video it made me realize that when I'm able to get back to gigging (in 2 to 3 months) I'll be so grateful for the portability of the L1. And then there is the sound. We are blessed!!!!

Congratulations, Wiek and Jaap. The video is outstanding in every way.

Hi Ken,

Thank you for the informative video. I have a question for ya. We play in an auditorium of 600 people every week and i am wondering if we could create a hybrid system just using l1's for a back line and still keeping the pa system for the size and height of the room....I am the music leader and my sound engineers are skepticle..
Hi Chadley,

Does the seating include places where listeners' ears would be above the top of the L1 systems, for example in a balcony or at the top of a steeply raked auditorium?

If so, then yes, I'd recommend that you augment the sound coming off the stage L1s with PA to fill in those locations.


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