We are very pleased to welcome Ovation and Takamine guitars as the newest additions to the ToneMatch(r) program.

The presets are available here on the Downloads section of the Musicians site.

We look forward to your comments as you have the opportunity to try them out.

Thank you,
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Hi Neil,

Congratulations on getting these done and out to the community. These are two fabulous companies with great musical instruments. It's wonderful to have them in the family.

Again, thanks to you, Cliff, and Mike for all the hard work to make this happen.

Keep 'em comin'!

A reminder to all:

Please do NOT load the new Presets into the second bank. This will overwrite all the standard Presets.

-== Click the picture for a link to all the ToneMatch® Partner Presets and detailed notes about how to apply them ==--
I just recieved my L1 mod 1 and love it so far. I use an Ovation guitar for gigs and don't know which preset is best to use to optimize the sound. According to Bose/tech support there are other guitars like Taylors (I have 2) where the presets are set at #49 which I need to try out.
My question is that I see Ovation was recently added to the Toneworks library not listed but which is best or closest to best for the L1 Mod 1 preset? Any suggestions anyone?
Thanks, Dave
Dave Fingers,

Tech support gave you some good advice, I would also try any of the presets within the acoustic guitar bank and listen a bit. The nice thing here is that there is no right or wrong and you may stumble on something that sounds great to your ears.

Thanks Neil
Hi Zerohour,

There are three banks (A, B, C) into which you can load sets of Presets. See the green arrows below. Some sets are bigger than others.

You can re-use the banks to try different Presets and it is pretty quick to Update the contents of a Bank once you have downloaded the file.

-== Click the picture for a link to all the ToneMatch® Partner Presets and detailed notes about how to apply them ==--
Last night I downloaded the Tonematch presets for Ovation guitars and tried it out with my Legend LX (w/ Op Pro Preamp) and I must say that it sounds fantastic, and that's without doing any "tweaking" of my own. I can't wait to try it on my 12 string Legend as well. I've been playing Ovations for a long time (most of the time through a P.A.) and they have never sounded better. I couldn't be happier. The Bose / Ovation people really outdid themselves on this one.

So far I'm very impressed although I have a lot to learn about it. The presets for my Martin and Ovation sound fantastic. For some reason, the volume on the mic channel seems to be kind of low, but I think that I have to do more tweaking on the input level on the "Vocalist II". Even though the trim level on the channel seems to be as high as it can go without going into the "red". I also have the preset set to the correct mic (Shure 58A Beta). I'll keep trying until I get it right.


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