NEW T1 Firmware v1.8 - Tuner Enhancements


I am pleased to announce that T1 Firmware v1.8 is now available for download on This is a non critical update which contains improvements to the overall responsiveness of the T1 Tuner functionality.

In addition this update also includes two new features:

Reference Pitch

Please see the attached image for more details.

Download Firmware v1.8 here

Thank you,


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Original Post
Thank you, Neil!

To ST and Neil: on another thread, one of you recommended the Model II firmware upgrade as well. When did this come out?

I bought my Model II, and immediately upgraded all firmware and software, about March 12. Is the model II firmware newer than that?

Yeah, I know...LOL!

All my stuff is packed up in my van, I'll have to check it out. I just didn't know if there had been a new release, such as the Tuner thing, or if you were just reminding people to make sure they're up to date...

I'll get off my butt and look... Razz
Any chance in the future, bose would have a key changer to download to the tone match.
I use karaoke, and the line audio that could be key changed would be a nice feature.
I know these fancy karaoke machines have it all, but I use a very small CD+G player
with a 5X5 screan that just plays the audio and graphics, no key changer. I have one, but it's just
another thing to carry around. I play keyboard, the KN-7000 and it has the transpose on it,
with the frequency changes etc. Just curious...Tks..

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