New T1™ and L1™ Firmware


This post has been removed as the information contained has become obsolete with the introduction of new firmware versions.

The updated files and discussions may be accessed by following the links below:

T1 Firmware

L1 power stand firmware

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Original Post
FIrmware update was a breeze...just a tip for those who might need it. When you decpmpress the zip files , move (drag) the .exe files for the the T1 and PSII updates into the newly created L1_updater_1.0 folder so the update software will see it.

THe T1 update took about 8 minutes and the L1 Powerstand update took about 4 minutes. But I guess that may vary based on various factors.
Originally posted by NetTek:
Great news! Will download and install for my gig tonight. Report coming tomorrow!

UPDATE -- T1 firmware install went fine -- Took about 10 minutes or so after download and decompress. Very simple to perform with L1 updater software.

Performance last night had system on for three hours or so and not one hiccup. Wish I could say the same about my playing... Wink

The trust factor is going up by the day on the T1. I'm off next weekend (My daughters are dancing at the state fair -- Don't want to miss that!), so next time I'll pull it out will be in two weeks. I really don't anticipate any more problems, and keeping fingers crossed just in case! Smile
Well I updated both of my 2 T1's (T1#1, and T1#2) and my only L1 MII without a hitch!

All works well, previously T1#1 glitched a couple weeks ago with the FROZEN Blue Screen of Death and I noted it in another thread.

I noticed something weird while using the Bose Updater - T1#2 and the Updater do NOT "see" the L1 while connected via ToneMatch.

Good thing I updated the L1MII using T1#1... I've gone back and forth between #1 and #2 (same cable and same L1MII) and #2 never "sees" the L1, though it sends audio etc. to it... sounds fine too.

I can't post the screen shots so I've attached a Word Doc with a better description.
I ran the L1 Updater. No problem with the T1.
It took about 8 minutes and the T1 Firmware DSP says 1.3

I then updated the Power Stand with 1.1, it finished in about 3.5 minutes, but the PS II Firmware, still reads 1.0
At the end it says update/restore was successful.

-----------------A short update-----------------------------

Now I see, after running the L1 updater with the Power stand attached to the T1 via the Ethernet cable, you need to turn off the L1 and then power back on. Then it displays the PS II Firmware: 1.1 . I guess it needs to Reboot the L1 part of the system. The T1 performed a reboot on it's own to show Version 1.3.

Just a short panic that I might not have updated correctly, hopefully it does'nt mind having the update applied twice.
Originally posted by Reso_Ralph:
Do we Mac users have a chance to update too? I won't buy a Windows machine just to keep my T1 updated ... Ralph

I'm with Reso_Ralph on this one! Any Mac users with T1's having trouble with the update process? Is there a Mac version, or does there need to be one? I'm curious before I order a T1, since all I have is Macintosh.
Originally posted by JohnNell:
Originally posted by Reso_Ralph:
Do we Mac users have a chance to update too? I won't buy a Windows machine just to keep my T1 updated ... Ralph

I'm with Reso_Ralph on this one! Any Mac users with T1's having trouble with the update process? Is there a Mac version, or does there need to be one? I'm curious before I order a T1, since all I have is Macintosh.

John and ResoRalph -

The updater software is only available for the PC currently. We are slated for a fall release of the Mac version.

Sorry for the hassle, maybe you have a friend who has a PC you can borrow? The update process will take about 1/2 hour from start to finish if you need to update both a T1 and a model II.

Given the small number of updates typical in a product cycle, finding a friend with a Windows desktop or laptop, should not be a really big issue. All thats needed is the T1 either with a power adapter if you have a L1 Classic or Mod I or with the L1 ModII Power Stand, if you have that.
You don't even need to hook up any speakers (as Bose stated there is no problem turning the Power Stand on without any speakers plugged in.

Hard to imagine nowdays, but a good number of great musicians, don't own or don't want to own a computer. But man can some of them really play. I for one would be glad to assist someone around here if they needed an update on their T1 or L1.

With USB Memory Sticks (or jump drives as some call them) being less than $10.00 it would be easy to download the updates on your Mac and onto the Memory Stick and get a friend to help out.

In the long haul as Bose gets a Mac version done, it will be helpful for saving Scenes and presets. How do folks support the Classic L1 or the Mod I unit?
Originally posted by Reso_Ralph:
I followed Joelheck's suggestion, went to a friend who owns a 'normal' PC and did the update in about 8 minutes. Joelheck, the simple ideas are often the best ones! Smile Very best regards, Ralph


I am glad that worked out for you. Once you have gone through it, it is so simple and quick, (probably takes less time than a beer or a nice scotch and soda). Most friends would be glad to help out and love to ask about the Bose system.

BTW - Very nice website, those Resonator Guitars are awsome. I downloaded a few of the mp3 samples and the Bass almost sounds like it has a pickup. Or is just miked well. Very nice sound quality and material. Anyway keep up the great music, it looks like you have a terrific following over there.
Hi at-Bose Guys!

I just ordered a T1 for my L1 Classic this past weekend (taking advantage of the Massachusetts State Tax Holiday). The sales associate on the phone told me that there was a two week back-order, which is OK with me. My question is whether this unit will come with the new version 1.3 firmware or will I need to update it when I get it?

Thanks for addressing the effects wishes of all us Classic L1 owners out there with the functionality of the T1!

Best regards,
The Jester
Originally posted by Strat man:
Hi all,

This may be a no-brainer,but, if I haven't had ant dropout issues with my T1 should I still upgrade ?

And If so, will the upgrade reset my saved settings ?


Definitely upgrade. There's no downside to it other than the 10 minute investment of time.

Your settings will not be deleted...but...why not take the opportunity to back them up onto your PC while you have it connected via USB? :-)

Hey Mike,

Hilmar created it so it's SUPER easy to run. Plug in the gear, fire up the program and hit the buttons.

The only "trick" to watch out for is that you have to select the right file type for each thing. So you need to select the firmware file to upload the firmware ... if you select a preset file to upload the firmware the program says "no can do" so it's fairly foolproof too.

I'm sure this has been mentioned before but just in case it hasn't.... Maybe Bose should be notifying we T1 and L1 owners by e-mail or postal mail when new software updates are available for the products we own. While I am a regular viewer of the message board, there are many out there who are not. I've noticed that there are also some posts up from people who only discover that an update is available AFTER they've had a system failure.

Also, I updated my 2 T1's and L1's last week and had a bit of trouble for various reasons. Some were due to "pilot error" and some were not explained clearly in the instructions. Kevin at Bose was a great help on the phone in walking me thru the glitches I encountered and a successful installation was achieved.

Maybe a CD could be made available with the future updates in general? That might also make things a bit easier.

Hmmm,... JD just triggered a thought or two ....

a) Have a moderator-restricted topic about updates ... and provide instructions in the first post about setting up notifications on that topic. Thus, any new posts would cause such notifications to be sent.

b) Include in the shipping boxes the URL and brief suggestions about setting up to get notices about firmware updates... to hopefully get a few more who might not otherwise (wish to) haunt this forum.

c) Have the Updater software program connect to an Internet location when started where it checks to see if there are new versions of the program itself and/or any firmware upgrades available.
While I would agree that notifying customers about updates would be great, I'm not really sure it's all Bose's repsonsibility. I personally feel like it's my job to check for updates on any device that I have that can be software upgraded - and I do have a handful of them. Course, Bose does above and beyond what many companies do, so it wouldn't be shock if they decided to do something to "meet the need."

With that said, I think Dan's #3 suggestion is a great one - a "Check for Updates" button would be excellent. Course, you'd got to have the updater software to even get there.

As a related note, I'm fairly sure there are alot of users that don't even know it can be updated. A guitar center rep I met was suprised when I told him about it - while he was selling the a unit to another customer. Smile
I know it's hard to believe, but I have a bass player in my band who recently bought an extended bass package and is looking to buy an L1 in the near future.

Guess what? He can't check for or download updates. Why?

He doesn't own a computer!!!!

But he's got 3 color TV's.
Sorry to report this but, apparently, the V1.3 Firmware update doesn't work as advertised.
I just received a T1 yesterday and, after reading the posts here about T1 failures and the new update to repair them, decided to update it before trying it.
When I turned it on to update it, I got the dreaded blue screen lock-up right away. I shut it off, turned it on - same thing. I shut it off, unplugged and reconnected the power cord and, after a few tries, it finally came on.
I then went ahead with the update, which seemed to go just fine. Checked the Firmware version on the T1 under Prefs and it correctly read V1.3. So far, so good.
Then I hooked it up to my Classic L1, powered it up and - guess what - frozen blue screen! I tried the unplug/plug/on/off stuff I tried earlier to no avail. I can't get it to restart at all. Except for all the pretty blue lights, it's dead as a doornail! And I have a gig tomorrow that I was hoping to break it in at!

So, I'll be calling Customer Service on Monday to send it back. I have had my Classic L1/2B1 since August of 2004 and the Packlite/2B1 since August 2006 and love them to death. I am very disappointed with the T1 and will now probably wait a year or so before I finally order another to ensure Bose has really gotten to the root cause of the T1's problems. Like a lot of you out there, I just have no time for unreliable equipment and will not bet the success of a performance on anything I can't trust. I have lost faith in the T1.

The Jester
I am using the T1 for several weeks now, sone gigs, but, mainly in rehearsal situations. We'll be touring a little soon. I updated the firmware (though the T1 never failed doing what it is supposed to to). No problems occured whatsoever. I own a backup preamp (the own that is replaced by the T1), a thing I would recommend to any user of new digital devices. The technology is complex and sometimes these digital things seem to have their own lives and will. Sorry to hear some of you have a little trouble. Losing faith isn't the right answer. Due to this formu BOSE will fix the problems soon I think (I am NOT working for BOSE, just a fan of the great technology and company which never failed so far ...). Ralph
Losing faith isn't the right answer

I've now dealt with 2 failures of the T1 in paying gig situations (averaging one per month or every third or fourth gig). That's 2 times more than any conventional gig failure in over 30 years. Until it actually happens to you, one can only surmise as to what they feel at that moment when the music dies in mid-song.

Believe me, nobody wants this thing to work more than me. After all, I have over 6 grand invested in it. I think it can be a phenominal system once all the bugs are worked out.

However, right now I'm thinking that maybe waiting a year on this purchase may have been the more prudent course of action. Monday morning quarterback strikes again.

Thankfully, I haven't sold off the old PA. So while I haven't completely lost faith yet, it gets harder and harder to hang on with each subsequent failure.

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