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Designed for musicians, DJs and general PA use, the S1 Pro is the ultimate all-in-one PA, floor monitor and practice amplifier that's ready to be your go-anywhere Bluetooth music system for nearly any occasion. 

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New S1 louder than early S1?

Has anyone else noticed that newer S1's are much louder than the first ones produced?  I bought one when they were first released which was replaced when the issue with the scratchy pots was reported by me and others.  I bought another one just last month and I notice that both channels are much louder at the same setting on the volume than the first one or the replaced one.  I haven't been on the forum much, so I don't know if there was an update to the S1 that I missed that might account for the volume difference.

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Tom I’m afraid I only have a newer one so have nothing to compare it to. However, I did update the firmware to get the Bose Connect App to work with it. Maybe there’s something in that update? It’s worth doing it anyway to get that app connectivity.

Sounds good Tom. Darn, I was hoping that the difference would be due to a simple update. Oh well. 

No we’re out of North Carolina. Washington, DC before that so we’re east coast folks, but we are a trio when our daughter (on upright bass) isn’t in school. 

Hi Tom,

Let me dig into this here.

Overall, is one unit actually louder at maximum usable volume than the other - or is the issue that the volume controls have to be set higher on the older unit to get the same volume as the newer one.



I did notice that both my older s1s had different volume levels before the update. One of them is like a notch louder than the other with them being at the same level physically. When I use them both connected to the Bose Connect app the volume levels are the same when I have them at the default 3 o clock at least. I’m going to have to test this out now... 🤔

im going to assume they are the same MAX volume but the notches in between aren’t.


I tested a little, but not exhaustively yet. There is definitely a different quality from one to the other. The newer one acts like there’s compression, and when it’s turned up loud there is a wallowing to the low end with an acoustic guitar that sounds like port distortion to my ear. The voice also sounds more woofy. When I first got tge newer one the second week of June I heard the difference and spent quite a bit of time A/B'ing the two. I thought the differences were very slight, but since then a couple gigs where I’ve used both either with one remote or one with another player I’ve really been annoyed that the newer one was more woofy and prone to feedback both in the low-mids and high-mids. I still want to test more. I had decided that it might be a benefit to have the two have different qualities, but I’m starting wonder if I want that. 

Hello Everyone,

Bose is monitoring this discussion about differences in volume controls between older and newer S1 Pro systems.

I have moved comments about noisy pots to
S1 Pro - noise when turning channel 1 and 2 volume controls rapidly

If you have comments related to anyting other than differences in the volume controls between older and new S1 Pro systems, please start a new discussion.

Thank you.

Bose Pro Community Admin

Hi Everybody.

From Bose:

Please make sure you have updated your firmware on all S1 Pro systems. See: S1 Pro System Updates for details.

We have tested older and new units running the latest firmware in the lab.  There is no discernable difference in volume for older and newer units. We have verified this with acoustic and electrical measurements.


I finally got some time this morning to do some thorough testing with an SPL meter.  I'm not finding any difference on the SPL meter between the two systems using a variety of input sources and levels.  I'm not finding a different unity or max level on the meter between the two systems either.  

To my ears I still hear a difference, and I'm not sure if it's a difference in EQ between the two or responsiveness, but I'm still hearing something.  I'll reflect a little more after a few more days under different conditions.  Maybe it's all in my head?  It may just be the difference in different components coming off the line and within normal variability in manufacturing.

Hi Tom,

The pickle is the nickname for the switch used to switch complete sound systems back and forth quickly.

I know I've seen a picture of Dr. Bose switching back and forth between a conventional PA and the early version of the L1. I can't find that picture now.

There was a demo at Bose where they used a pickle to do instantaneous A/B switching between a Bose Wave system and another larger Bose system.  The principle is, for qualitative comparisons, you have switch back and forth between options instantaneously.


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