The .bos files ARE the files we are trying to get into that folder on your desktop.

Do you have them now? Then if you have not done it yet, drag the files into the L1 Updater folder you created on your desktop.

Don't worry about the blue icon.

If you have the files now, then go back to the back directions with pictures and go for it.

I have put out a call to some other people for help. I hope that they join in. I'll pop in sporadically for the rest of the evening in case you reply but after that, I'm going to be scarce for the next few days.

Yes evan though they don't have the same icon I have tried and dragged them in to the same folder on my desk top.
Again open L1 updater choice first update TRY to upgrade to the fimware and am told the selected file is not compatible (I am convinced they should all be blue like yours)

Fingers crossed someone may have found the answer by sun up

Thanks for your help Smile

all I know is I have followed everything you have said and everything you have posted and I am here days later and cannot find out what the problem is.
I understand I am up grading the 1.3 with he 1.6 but something is not right with the 1.6 file my end. When I click it pop up window "File not compatible" and I have seen that although the .exe has gone by using firefox The L1 updater is saved as an application while the other 2 files are now being saved as MacBinary encoded files.

It has to be either I am saving them wrong or file is corrupt ?

Onwards and up

04.00 here so bed time.


Mono man
# Click the first button called Update ← in this picture it is beside T1 Firmware DSP:1.6 on your is will probably say 1.3 which is why we are doing this.

When you click the button you should see a window pop up Update Settings from

# Click the file called Bose_T1_Firmware_ver_1-6.bos
Then click the button (bottom right) Open
Hi Mono Man -

Just read about your dilemma. I once had a problem with my Macintosh appending a ".txt" to the end of the ".bos" files. In the Finder, find your Bose_T1_Firmware_ver_1.6.bos file and make sure it does not look like this, "Bose_T1_Firmware_ver_1.6.bos.txt". If it does, delete the ".txt" at the end of the file name and try updating again.

Welcome to my fun corner and thanks for the tip.

Ok folks are you ready this is what has happened.

Downloading using safari on a MAC seems to not work at all.
Downloading using firefox does Smile
However Please note.
1 the updater file will save with bule ICON
2. THe T1 and LII files do not.
3. I am not sure but repeating the download (after downloading STUFFIT expander) both files are either saved as bose.exe (which is wrong) or .bose. BINARY (which is wrong) you MUST download using firefox and somehow save bothe files as "stuffit expander documents)
4. Once you have done that and have all 3 files in a folder run the updater application.
5. To update the T1 click the T1 1.3 update button and choose the file T1 1.6. this should now start to update.
6. Takes about 12 mins and your screen on the T1 tells you it is updating.
7. When finished a pop up window appears saying the update was ok.
8. To update the PSII firmware, your T1 MUST be connected to the PSII. If it is not then the updater menue does NOT show it as an option to update. The last button on the updater menue will only show PS II firmware if your T1 is connected to your Mac with USB and connected to the PSII.

I now have a folder on my desk top with the 3 needed files.
Only the Updater has the blue LOGO.
If the other 2 files (listed at the end of the file) are STUFFIT Expander files then you are good to go.

I have finally completed my T1 and LPII updates but am unsure of how to update the other options.
If I click Taylor guitar on the updater menue I seem to go round in circles and although I am connected to the mac and the PSII nothing new appears in my acoustic guitar pre sets?

at least I am now up to date with the main things and thank you all for your help.
I hope that some of the above is a help to anyone else that try's this .

anyone any suggestions on updating the other options on the UPDATER ?

Mono Man
Hi Mono Man,

Just have a moment right now.

I'm going to give you a link to where you can get some more .bos files that you can use for the optional presets. You will want to put these .bos files into the same folder on your desktop.


No matter what you do - DO NOT use the second button
T1 ToneMatch Presets: 1.0 ...... Update
You will overwrite the factory presets.

Hi Mono Man,

Okay - here is where you can get the other ToneMatch® Preset Filters. When you get there, you will find some instructions at the top right corner of the page. You have done all of these things. About halfway down on the left side you will find the links to various files. You already have the Presets for the Audix microphones and Taylor Guitars - already loaded in your T1®.

Try downloading anything that looks interesting and putting the file in the folder on your desktop.

Then let me suggest that you Update one of the banks marked
T1 ToneMatch B
T1 ToneMatch C

T1 ToneMatch A is occupied with Taylor Guitars now and these are very useful with lots of different Guitars.

You probably won't need to update the ones related to Scenes right now. Read about that in the Software Updater Manual.

As I mentioned - many of us are hitting the road today so owner-to-owner support (what you have been enjoying so far) may be light for the next several days.
THanks a million ST.

I will give them a look through.
I am just glad that I have the 2 really important ones needed and the rest are simply EXTRA's.
Have a great show if you playing I just had to CNX my gig to night (a rare thing) but I have full on man flu Frown
But I do have a nice LPII all updated in my lounge to comfort me Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

1 thing I am unclear on is in the pre sets which one is for acoustic sound hole/Magnet I am fine with the under saddle. Its Fishman Rare earth active sound hole pick up.

have a good weekend mate.

Mono man Smile
Dear Neil et al-at-Bose:
A belated thank you for the Mac Updater software. It makes it that much easier to care for my T1.

I found myself a little disoriented trying to figure out what I needed, aside from the firmware update. I jumped between this thread and ST's Wiki site for the scoop. I did learn to avoid that first update button.

But I've got my Taylor presets, and my user scenes backed up, so what more do I need? To go set up my gear and change 'em again, of course!

With much appreciation to all who share the learning process here,
Originally posted by Sthum:

Hi Mono Man!

Just my two cents...

I do have, but rarely use Stuffit!

Thee best software for unzipping anything on a Mac is... without doubt... UnrarX! Its Free and works beautifully with any file you care to throw at it!

The best alternative apps would be Springy or BetterZip!

If you need any help in the future with your Mac then please feel free to contact me!

The whole extracting thing can seem difficult on a Mac to begin with. If someone for example uses Springy to 'shrink' a file that you later download onto your desktop you may not be able to open it with anything other than Springy itself? Though I have found that UnrarX rarely lets me down in this regard!
You only really run into problems if a file is password protected? Then its usually only a matter of trying different types of extractors (Springy, Betterzip etc...).

You can download UnrarX here for free:



Originally posted by Sthum:

Whilst I'm on here... I thought I'd ask a relevant question on this topic?

I am about to update my Tone Match firmware for the very first time using my early 2010 Snow Leopard iMac. The iMacs firmware is bang up to date!

I want to update everything in the correct sequence but having just read several posts here I'm not exactly sure if this is necessary?

Maybe its just a matter of installing the last firmware update, which includes all prior updates??

Can someone please explain same to me in laymans terms and which actual updates are available?
I should be able to figure out the rest on my own, assuming that we all start with Ver 1.0?

Many thanks for any advice offered!


Hi Sthum,

You only have to install the latest firmware versions.

What version level is your T1®?

  1. Turn the Rotary Selector to Prefs

  2. Press the first button

  3. Turn the first button until you see Versions
  4. Press the button

  5. The versions for the firmware will be displayed. The versions shown below are sample values.
    See:T1 ToneMatch® Audio Engine Firmware Updates for the latest firmware

  6. See:T1 ToneMatch® Audio Engine Firmware Updates for the latest firmware

Right now the latest T1® firmware is 1.8.

What have you got?

Notes: What version of the T1® Firmware do I have?

What version is your Power Stand?

The latest version is 1.3

If you don't have that see:

L1® Model II Power Stand Firmware Updates.

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