Version 1.3 fixes a rare issue with the power stand firmware update process. On earlier versions the power stand could be affected by two failed 'L1 model II Firmware' updates in a row.

We recommend upgrading from 'L1 model II Firmware' version 1.0.

Click here to download the new L1® power stand v.1.3 firmware.

This firmware will also be available on the Musicians site at in the weeks to come.

The latest firmware is available here:

L1 Model II Firmware Updates

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Just an FYI from a Mac user.

The first download of this 1.3 ".bos" for the powerstand I did with Firefox, and the Updater application did not recognize the format. I used Safari to re-download the file and it was then 'recognized'.

The various browsers can have a number of "default" actions which might take place after a download, as well as differences in how the browsers set the 'file type' for an "unknown" file name extension, so it's a little difficult to tell what was different without a lot of further testing ... but I do know that we have similar issues with downloading "geocaching" information (works flawless with one browser but not the other).
HI. Adam here, just got my L1 a week or so ago. I had some intermitttentt problems and found the updater & BOS firmware updates.

I am on a g4 ibook (mac).

Hmmm - problem. The T1 firmware update ran fine. the L1 Updater APP screen showed the T1 firmware had been updated to1.6 no prob.

Yet, I ran the same process with th power stand firmware to upddate it to 1.3 and the L1 APP menu, after completed showed it as version 1.1.

I powered the T1 off, closed / relaunched teh L1 updater APP and did the PS firmware update again. Still shows uup thet 1.1 is the current version.

Anyone have advice or a similar experience?

Help. I go on the road tomorrow, and feel like this is a wobbly, but good sounding piece of gear.

Thank you.

Hi Adam,

In case you haven't done it already - please turn off the power on the Model II Power Stand. Then fire it up again and check the version. You will have to run the L1® Updater software again to see it.

It should be at 1.3.

You have to cycle the power for the new version number to be displayed.
have the same problem . just bought this new great system. downloaded new software and it keeps showing the old version 1.1. Downloaed it with firefox on a PC dell laptop.

tryed it 4 times now, and powered of the tonematch box.

any ideas mr bose man. thanks Paddy in UK

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