New B1 vs. Old B1

How can I find out from a retailer if they will be shipping me an old B1 or a newer B1?

I know there is little difference but I prefer the newer slightly lighter model and stores and online retailers can't seem to understand how to tell which they have. Is there a model or product number difference?
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Other than the difference in weight between the old style and the new style (new style is supposed to be a couple of pounds lighter), the new style is supposed to have a plastic-type handle whereas the older style has some sort of aluminum handle. That would probably be the quickest way to tell.

I'm sorry guys. Maybe I didnt explain my problem well. I know the difference and can tell the difference myself. What I am trying to do is order one online and get the newer lighter one. Online retailers don;t know the difference and are not gonna open the box the box and look for or comprehend the small differences to make sure I am not getting an older one.
will they ship me the new one? I was trying to avoid tax and shipping charges but if Bose can quarantee a newer version I will just go that route.

Bose's specs for the new B1 lists the weight at 25.1 lbs., which is 2.9 lbs. lighter than the old 28 lb. B1. The word "couple" means 2, so a "couple of lbs. lighter" is an inaccurate statement. Please consider that people are assessing what you say about the B1 from your statement in its entirety, and therefore may assume that your comment regarding the new B1 as being "functionally identical" may reflect similar inaccuracies.

coup-le n. 1. Two of a kind; a pair. 2. Two persons of opposite sex, welded or otherwise paired, as in dances, games, etc. 3. Informal A few; a couple of hours. 4. Something joining two things together.-- v. -led,-ling ...........

I think the use here is Informal and 2.9 is a few.

For further reference see few in the old F&G

Ha! Here I am discussing word specs with you, Oldghm! Perhaps a this is an appropriate pastime for a couple of old-grey-haired-men!

True, the word "couple" can mean "a few", but the most accurate interpretation of that word is "two". The phrase, "a few" is inherantly inaccurate, and yes, it is informal. It can, but does not necessarily, mean 2.9.

So my point remains the same, because "a couple" can mean "two", and if it doesn't, it is an inherantly inaccurate description of another number, which may beg the question, "is "functionally identical" an inaccurate description (informal) as well?".

Here's a quote from the Yahoo dictionary regarding the etymology of the word "couple":
"Although the phrase a couple of has been well established in English since before the Renaissance, modern critics have sometimes maintained that a couple of is too inexact to be appropriate in formal writing. But the inexactitude of a couple of may serve a useful purpose, suggesting that the writer is indifferent to the precise number of items involved. Thus the sentence She lives only a couple of miles away implies not only that the distance is short but that its exact measure is unimportant."

The overall light weight of the new Model II L1/B1 system is a very attractive attribute and may be the major factor in motivating a significant number of existing L1 users to purchase the new system. From posts on this forum, I'm seeing that some feel that the lighter weight of the new B1 makes it more desirable than the old model, and want to make sure that they get exactly what Bose advertises: a 25.1 lb. B1.

Best Regards,
The Model Number shows the same on the old & new unit - Bass Module Model B1. The old unit has Personalized Amplification System(TM) above the Bass Module Model B1.

The new unit does have the RoHs indication on it.

The serial numbers don't have any significant difference.

The new unit has a bar code with the SN.

I don't see any other differences in the two.

thanks for trying. I called Bose and customer service said they wouldn't be able to tell the difference when someone ordered. The customer service rep took the time to put me on hold, check on the situation, and find out that as of about two weeks ago they are shipping all new B1s.
This is why I should have called Bose in the first place rather than trying to deal with vendors who don't understand the product.

I know it may seem picky to want a new B1 just because it's 2.9 pounds lighter but 90% of the reason I wanted the Model II system was because it is easy to transport. That old power stand was a beast at 2 in the morning about playing a 3 or 4 hour gig. So the new powerstand, and new B1 to some extent, are gonna make things much easier.

Thanks to Paul-at-Bose for suggesting this...

If you call GC you can identify which B1 they have over the phone (if they can go look at the carton in back etc.)

The older B1 says on the outside of the box 'Personalized Amplification System, Bass Module B1'. The box is also bigger, measuring 23"x15"x19"(LWH).

The new style B1 says "L1 System, Bass Module B1" on the carton. The carton is also smaller, measuring 21.5"x13.5"x17"(LWH).

There is no way to identify which B1 is which without physically looking at the box. The product # is the same etc.

Hope this is helpful,
Hello everyone ,
For those purchasing at the GC .It seems I read on this forum , that the new B1 does not have the flying hardware on them , thus making them lighter . The two plug screws on top of the B1 have been removed , so visually can be confirmed as well . I would open the box at GC and verify in this way also before leaving the store . Maybe you can request this upon online ordering .
Did anyone else read this hardware difference on the forum? Thanks - J.D.

You must have received some special treatment since you are a Bose assisted sales representative. There are posts on this forum from folks who wrote that they received the old model B1 with the Model II well after that date.

But it's good to hear that the new B1 is now being shipped.


I'm thankful if I got special treatment, but I sure didn't know I was getting it. I don't think Bose's ordering department (CFDT) can identify the new vs. old B1's at the time of ordering either. Maybe there was a batch of older B1's that turned up in a warehouse after mine shipped?

that old power stand was a beast at 2 in the morning about playing a 3 or 4 hour gig.

LOL! Man - we're all adapting really quickly to the New Approach - remember when 2a.m. mean lugging 65lb subwoofers loaded with a pair of 15's in a folded enclosure? Hey - I can dimly recall "double scoops" loaded with a pair of EVH 18s - I mean what were we thinking?!?! And speaking of the power components - I recall a small refigerator sized amp rack with four Crown CD300a amps in it and a crossover - maybe that explains why my L5/S1 is trashed all these years later!!! Roll Eyes

And today we're looking to shave even more off this pint sized power house we're all enjoying - Ah, these are some good days!!!
I went to the Guitar Center Labor Day Sale today to buy a second subwoofer. There were actually 3 on the list! They were the old ones. $30 off. Not enough in my book. I asked about buying the beat up demo that was sitting on the floor next to a bunch of other unused stuff. Same price. They can't discount Bose any more than that. ??????

I'd rather pay $299 and get the brand new one.

The tonematch looked cool, but I don't need it.

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