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Need part for L1 Model II

Yad writes:

I have same problem, and I contacted more than one services center. All they telling me same story. send it for repair. 
Im based in Iraq and nearest repair center is 1500 far from me. As the Item is very heavy the shipment will cost more than buying new item.
Is there any hope to get that part? instead of sending it?

incoherent posted:
I have an L1 Model 2 with the B2 Bass System. I brought it with me for use at events, and while on travel, it was mistakenly plugged into a 220V circuit. The local technician informed me that I need p/n 1725-807B+0001 Bose A1 Amplifier DP1.0 Rev 1.0. How can I go about getting this part? I have a few days left till the next event, and would like to get this up and running. The local Bose dealer (Philippines) does not have this item on hand.
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