If you would like some help planning your stage layout, or just share something you are doing that works, please try

The Sketcher.

How it works:
You can see it in action: The Sketcher Movie


It is probably just as fast to try it.

In its current incarnation, you drag items from the palette of instruments onto a stage area.

You can add notes (a good idea) for things that don't fit into the picture.

When you save your changes, I will take what you have done and turn it into a regular image that is viewable on the web and post it in the Sketcher Discussion with comments. When you follow this link, jump to the last page. Your Sketch will likely be there.

Printing - You can print your Sketch on your computer. When you are viewing it in The Sketcher, right-click with your mouse for a menu. You will see an option to print. It's small but it works.

Notes Section
If you are using Sketcher to develop your own stage layouts - that's great - have fun with it. If you don't need us to do any work on your Sketch, please put a message in the Notes section so we know what you are doing. Thanks.

- updated intro image for version 4.0
- added hints
- added image with balloon comments
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Original Post
I am getting my new two PAS next Tuesday and I am trying to figure out in advance how to connect it.

Dual usage: (1) Audio stereo system and; (2) band practice system.

As a stereo the source will be either the audio from my DVD player (RCA) or the output from my Numark 2 CD mixer. Each stereo channel into its own PAS.

For band practice I play along music or jam tracks either from CD or DVD which I want to play mono into a single PAS. The other PAS is for guitar, bass, and drums. Guitar is through Pod Xt. Bass and drums straight into the console.

The console is a Mackie 1402 VLZ-Pro.

What I want to achieve is to switch from stereo mode to band mode painlessly. I know there is an optimal way but I haven't thought of it.

I need a sketch, looks like.

Many thanks and regards...

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