Names Matter!!! Let me drop a name on everyone!

Hey gang,

I'd like to introduce a new name to everyone, the L1™ loudspeaker. Hurray! We've got “TM” approval from our legal department for "L1" and we are stoked.

We've always know that Personalized Amplification System™ family of products is a mouthful and, while Cylindrical Radiator® speaker is easier, it's still a lot of syllables. “L1”, or “el one” if you like, is easy to say and does not infringe on anyone else’s trademark.

We’ve even gone so far to create an “L1” logo (below). You’ll see us using it in many ways, L1 speaker, L1 loudspeaker, L1 system, etc., but you’ll NEVER see us calling our system or speaker a “pee ayy esss”.

For those of you who are L1 advocates and want to help out, I’d like to tell you how you can help … it’s really easy … adopt “L1” and don’t use “pee ayy esss” to describe the speaker or system. PAS is the registered trademark of another company; that’s why Bose folks never use those letters to talk about the L1 system (I’m sure some of you were wondering why we never use those letters in our communications).

So, starting right now, I’d like to offer everyone who stops using “pee ayy esss” as the name of our product a free set of Quiet Comfort 2® headphones … but … I can’t.  Gotcha! Just seeing if you’re still paying attention.

Let’s see if we can make “L1” stick (get it) and give up on “pee ayy ess” to describe the L1 speaker. Thanks for any and all help.

Steve and the “-at-Bose” gang.


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Muso's are creatures of habit and for whatever reason - the "other" name was what seemed to be used, even by the Bose team, when I 1st stumbled into this arena. As frustrating/confusing as it may be for Bose please remember it's just as frustrating/confusing for some of us in the old world.

I'm thrilled about finally something "official" and as seemingly easy to throw around as the previous moniker is/was.

Long live the L1...
the "other" name was what seemed to be used, even by the Bose team

If you looked through all the old posts, I don't think you'd find any of the at-Bosers using that title, other than asking us not to. Regretably, I think it was me that coined that phrase two and a half years ago. I remember posting that there was no way I was going to type out Personalized Amplification System TM every time I wanted to refer to the system, so I started calling it the PAS - even though Ken, Steve and the gang (indirectly) asked me not to. Sorry guys.

I'm really happy that there is an official name for it now... I never really like PAS either.
You can do it Don! Do you have friends/relatives that change their last name after a wedding?

Thanks everyone for trying to stop saying "pee ayy ess" ... it won't be easy, but we can do it. Razz

Stickers!!! I LOVE that idea. I think that'd look cool on a guitar case (I'm a sticker-on-the-case junkie).

I'll get someone working on it.


First you want me to admit my traditional PA set up was unworthy, now you want me to admit I'm calling my bose product by the wrong name!!!!

I don't know, I think the term PAS is way louder and can push more air, L1 would just never work for anything but an acoustic band. .....LOL Smile

L1 loudspeaker it is, sounds more technical, now maybe soundmen will like it.
Eek Oh no! That means I now have to edit my equipment list... it looked more impressive when I'd list down:

Bose (TM) Personal Amplification System (TM), Cylindrical Radiator speaker set.

you mean now, all I can list down is:

Bose (TM) L1???

Big Grin

Hehehehe... just kidding. L1 is a whole lot easier to say... and it shows up on Google more than PAS does.
Just toying around... sorry, it's a bit crude... but I was thinking of a different logo for the "L1". I noticed that the L & 1 looked like the "natural" sign for music. What you guys think?

Ok, the tag line is corny... I was just playing around with the whole "natural" description and how the L1 makes music sound.
Nice graphic John. Interesting idea.

While it may not be true in your part of the world, at least half of the players I know wouldn't recognize the symbol. (I won't tell you what instrument).

This could lead to the TAFKAP syndrome.
Thanks! ST, ya, the 'natural' sign is sort of like an easter-egg thing. if you recognize it, it makes more sense...if not, the logo is just a simple L1 that's reversible (like an ambigram) and will just pass as a regular logo

Ken, thanks. Other slogans I was toying with were "Music never sounded this natural"... or something like that... hahaha
Ok, now I get made no sense to me to change the name of a great product mid-stream, until it just occurred to me - you guys are getting ready to release a new Personal Amplification System, possibly the L2. Yeah, yeah, I know - Bose does not comment on such things.

I'll have to warn you though - if you come out with a new PAS, my wife is going to have to be restrained from coming up there to shoot someone - she has a brand new wrist rocket and a bag full of multi-colored paint balls - after she lets me fire up the 'ol Discover Card!

Yeah, yeah - no comment, I know the tune....



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